I'm sharing my 1st teaser video!

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  • 'Fry Me Omelettes' has a teaser now!

    Not the best video in the world, but please do enjoy.

    Also, my game demo will be hosted on the game's offical website starting on August 1, come visit!

  • Cool video! Looks nice and polished!

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  • Gee, Thanks!

  • Was it made with Construct 2 ?

  • Yes Kyatric , the game is definitely made using C2. and it's been going on since January when I joined in.

  • Then I'm moving the thread to a most appropriate forum.

    Consider giving more informations about your game possibly and centralize the informations about it in a single topic.

  • You're welcome, Glad the teaser did work to attract people!

    I make this game myself. I focus the game on frying eggs only (and in omelettes), but unlike other cooking games, there's no step-by-step instructions, you can fry your eggs in random fashion. But after that your eggs will be judged by "those" critics, and get a 'pass' or a 'fail'. (It's a "trial-and error" kind of SIM game.) The game does not have that "frame-by-frame" character animations I'm afraid.

    So come try & experiment it, and maybe give some feedbacks. (that would be great! )

    Also, this is a pre-beta demo (so don't expect much variety), and it will be hosted on my website for a limited period. (August 1-15)

    Updated: The hosting period extends till August 23!

    For more information you can see my game development log. (yellow signature below)

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