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  • Just a little puzzle platformer thing I've been messing about with. I have ideas to take it further, but this was just me experimenting with stuff like triggers and screen by screen movement.

    HuntyGem 0.06


    UP ARROW KEY to jump

    Few things to note..

    • The boss.. just threw him in there to test an idea (you'll see when you get there )
    • Couple of teeny tiny bugs, but nothing game breaking... I hope :}
    • The name is as temporary as everything else ;p

    It's a very early prototype that kind of expanded. Let me know your thoughts

    Thanks for checking it out!

  • haha, those one hit deaths are brutal. It would be less frustrating if you got to at least kept the gems you've collected.

    I like how responsive the controls are, though. It was quite fun to play once I realized not to touch anything.

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  • haha thanks for trying. Yeah it's one of those decisions.. "do I, don't I" reset the gems collected hmmm.. I kind of liked the hardcore feel of losing all the gems. They're actually pretty simple to get. Maybe I feel that way because everytime I added a room, gem, etc, I started from the beginning each time. Even for me, that very last gem is a bit tricky though, but it's not necessary to get it...

    Also, those caged gems.. there's a hidden button in each of those rooms You have to really use your eyeballs to see some of them :}

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