Hunter Rush - A RPG/Match-3 hybrid game

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  • Hey guys,

    After more than a year learning C2 and many unfinished projects, this game called Hunter Rush will be my very first published game.

    I started working on this project in late October, 2015 and currently has a prototype with fully functional mechanic, main features and major artworks. Before going full speed ahead into the making of the Alpha Release of Hunter Rush, I'll be posting the progress regularly here to gain some feedbacks as well as generating little publicity.

    Hunter Rush is a RPG/Match-3 hybrid intended for the PC platforms. You will get to run a hunter guild, accomplish quests, explore the world, manage your teams and forge equipment. Just like in RPGs but the monster fighting bit is now carried out with a Match-3 puzzle mechanic.



    • Manage a guild, take quests, build relationship with questors and rank up

    • Recruit teams of hunter, train them hard, equip them with best equipment and then fire them, for joy

    • Hunt monsters for raw materials to forge better equipment or to forge better materials to forge even better equipment

    • If that doesn't confuse you, there are 100+ recipes for forging to confuse you even more

    • Scratch-card minigame to waste your money and search for missing recipes

    • Explore the world with real-time battles (not turn-based) to give you less time to think, more time to bash monsters

    • Unique monsters have their own skills that requires different tactics to fight

    • 16 lines of equipment give you 16 individual skills to bash monsters in fashion

    Stay tuned for more features, discussion and screenshots in the next posts.

    Recommendation and feedbacks are very welcome. And I'd like to hear some ideas from you guys to make Hunter Rush even more appealing.

  • looks awesome! Did you make all the art yourself?

  • Quellquun Thank you, I did the art by myself.

    Though it's very time-consuming, it's still my favrourite part.

  • And I just realise that the images are a bit cropped. Sorry folks, It was almost 2am when I posted this.

    Will fix it soon. FIXED

  • Impressive, how do you plan to monetize your app?

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  • Quellquun

    It'll be released on the pc platform possibly through steam and other distributors at a small price.

    I'd love to see Hunter Rush on the appstore/google play one day since it was originally developed for mobile devices. But I experienced a huge performance drop and crashes in the early stage so I switched to pc.

  • Here are some of the ability/skill effects:

    Basically when you equip your team with an equipment, it gives you a unique ability that can be triggered when you match 3 or more of a same block. The more blocks are matched, the higher the chance of being triggered and the greater damage is dealt.

  • Wow that just looks beautiful.

    Don't understand the battle mechanic though. Is it like matching block type puzzles with a damage multiplier?

  • MPPlantOfficial Thank you. Please look forward to the release of Hunter Rush.

    Player can attack whenever a set of Sword (red) or Star (yellow) blocks is matched. The number of blocks matched is the multiplier of the damage (before enemy's damage block). Think about it like your range of minimum to maximum damage.

  • The battle mechanic isn't too complicated but still can be confusing at first.

    Battle Mechanics

    Enemy's Attack - Enemy's attacks are triggered by a timer. Whenever the timer is up, the enemy will deal damage to the hunters. The 'speed' of timer varies between enemies from very slow to very fast.

    Enemy's Signature Ability (SA)

    Each enemy race has a SA like how Direwolf has Moon Howl. SA is triggered by the same timer of the normal attack. When the attack timer is up, there is a fair chance the enemy will trigger its SA instead of a normal attack.

    Hunters' Attack - Hunter's attack is based on Hunter's base stat, weapon's stat and varied by the number of blocks matched. Hunters will trigger physical attack when  Sword (red) blocks are matched or magical attack when Star (yellow) blocks are matched.

    Hunter's Defense/Trap - Hunter's defense/trap is also based on Hunter's base stat, weapon's stat and varied by the number of blocks matched and charged. Shield (blue) and Trap (purple) blocks are matched and then charge to its tubes. Hunter will only trigger Defense then when the Enemy attacks/ and trigger Trap only when Defense failed.

    Weapon's Signature Ability

    Hunters gain SA from the weapons with maximum 4 weapons/SA equipped at a time. Similar to the enemy's SA, there are a fair chance (based on the number of blocks matched/charged) that hunters will trigger its SA instead of the normal attack, defense or trap.

  • This seems very well done!

    I downloaded from Google Play (a year ago or more, don't know) a similar game for my Android device but it was a lot more "poor looking".

  • HR78 Thank you, I'll put more effort to make it "better looking" :)

    I too played some similar games from appstore and google play before and didn't really like their turn-based battle mechanic. So I go and make one with new mechanic. That's how Hunter Rush started.

  • Day/Night Cycle

    Time is an important element that will greatly affect the battle mechanic. Each day cycle in Hunter Rush is 6 minutes long and divided evenly between daytime and night-time. Most battles will normally start at dawn (00:00) but in some quests they may start at dusk (03:00).

    Certain monsters behave differently depending on the time of the day. Most monsters will become stronger and faster at night while the player might experience poorer vision.

    During the night-time, the blocks are darkened to mimic night vision and provide some challenges to the player.

  • Wow that really does look amazing. Amazing what someone can achieve with this engine. Yeah defiantly try get it on mobile if you can, you might make a mint

  • Cool ! Will it be free ?

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