HUGE game project-"The Great Arcade Adventure"

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  • So i am currently working on my first gaming project ever, with any software. I have picked up the software pretty well and i have managed to lay the foundation for a pretty epic game. Before i continue on though, i have a few small concerns and im hoping some of the community veterans can help me out.

    The game is something very unique and familiar at the same time. It is retro graphics, with a HUGE mix of game styles and features. The concept is my avatar "Fanguide Freddy" is transported into a digital world where he encounters parody versions of tons of classic game characters. During the opening sequence "MegaGuy" shows up to tell freddy the game worlds are all merging and he needs our help to sort it out!

    Here are some of the core/major features.

    -The game is based inside of a Player owned house. This is where the game normally opens to. The house itself has a drag and drop editing feature, where players can buy items that can then be used to decorate there world. They also unlock items as the story progresses and we complete levels.

    -The core game levels are based within "Arcade Machines" Found within the players house in an arcade room. As the game progresses more arcade machines are unlocked with more levels-Each having a unique gameplay style(some platform games, some angry birds style, some fruit ninja, etc). Also each level has a unique blend of two game styles, as if the worlds had merged. So for instance you may be playing a playform level, but a pong ball is constantly bouncing back and forth on screen which the player must avoid.

    -Players also collect "Outfits" as they progress in the game. For instance Freddy collects a "MegaSuit" outfit when he completes that world. These outfits are changeable in the players home, as well as mid level in the pause menu. Each Outfit also has special attributes, like double jump, increased speed, increased damage, etc. The suits are generally variations of classic game characters and there will be around 12 "Outfits" available in the game.

    -In addition to outfit, players can buy and equip up to 3 types of equipment. Armor, Weapons, and Vanity items. Each are equipable in the home areas equipment screen, as well as being able to swap equipment mid level VIA pause menu. Armor and Weapon items give added attributes to the player, and some premium vanity items add boost like health. There are tons of armor, weapon, and vanity choices available, and along with the 12 main outfits, this allows players to customize and mix and match tons of classic arcade outfits and objects. (Think sonic with Saiyan armor, wielding a lightsaber! *all will be parody and custom art and names to avoid copyright issues*

    -Players can also buy and equip "pets" that follow them in the home and level areas. As with equipment, pets can be swapped at any point in the game, and each has special attributes and one special skill. One pet can help collect tokens and bonus items on screen, while another will attack any enemy on screen every X seconds. Another pet helps alert the player when he is near a hidden object.

    -The character and equipment/pet selection stays universal between the house and all game levels, menus, etc. Meaning when you select a character or item, it doesnt change unless you make it, displaying correctly in the player HUD and equipment screens, etc. Each weapon has a unique attack and damage ratio, increasing with better equipment. Players have "Stats" they can change and increase as they progress and collect experience.

    -There is a multiplayer area that serves as a chat room, but allowing up to 10 players to run around and chat while using their avatars to destroy respawning objects in a fun destruction free play zone.

    -There are tons of mini games and items with mini games hidden around the world, and able to be bought by the player. These games range widely in style and extensiveness, but do not relate to the core storyline. There are also several "Free Roam" areas where players can explore and have fun. For instance there is a Flying level where players have flight ability and fly around the area destroying things, finding hidden puzzels, and earning currency, with no stress of dying. Similar there is an underwater world like this.

    -Levels are organized into Equipment on or off, turning weapons on or off. Some levels will not allow you to equip your weapon full time, but instead of "PowerUps" placed throughout the level. One power up is like the mario feather, but instead grants FULL flight control and last 30 seconds. Another is a bullet weapon that stays equiped until the player is hit, and more like those.

    -There are tons of hidden items, currency, and achievments/task that will grant rewards and special items. I also have implemented an old school cheat code system, with an area to enter cheats right in the menu area. (The menu area is like a player is standing at an arcade console.

    -2 currency types, Tokens and "FanPoints" which are a premium currency.

    -The ability to buy extra homes, and enter into a free roam world select area where they can travel between homes, using a cool vehicle.

    -Multiplayer games where players compete 1-4 players peer to peer for currency to the winner.

    -"HoverBoards" in the home area. Player can buy or unlock the hoverboard to travel the expansive outside area and travel with speed and style!

    -The ability to play back levels after completion for additional prizes and rewards.

    -There is an extensive storyline in place featuring our company mascot "Fanguide Freddy" but after completing his story, a special extra storyline opens for one of the characters we encouter often during the game (Dont wanna spoil it for potential players).

    -Potions and healing, as well as special attacks or a magic ability that can be equipped or used.

    -Tons of hidden areas, secrete interactions, easter eggs, and bonus level content!

    ----This game is made by game fans, For game fans------

    Ok so thats some of the major features, there are still more, and the core storyline, dialogue, and gameplay are really cool. Everything mentioned above is already in place and working smoothly and as intended with around 4 characters, 15 items, a few pets, homes, etc of each things in place. Now it is a simple matter of adding in the final characters, buiding up the assets for equipment, pets, home objects, etc and any last minute ideas we have that would change the core gameplay.

    As it stands now, my events are right around 1000, and its already and amazingly fun game, but there is only a few soundtracks (Custom made by myself), a few sound FX, and only one level of each game is made. So here are my concerns and things that would really help me out if anyone can.

    At this point im very confident i will be able to add in the rest of the assets and have all gameplay, animations, sounds, etc work properly and smoothly. I regularly run debugging and make sure nothing is over spawning or causing too much strain on the CPU, but im concerned when i continue to build the assets, and events list and images, etc grow the game will become laggy or delayed, especially on mobile devices.

    With everything in place as mentioned, what are some of the limits to events or CPU usage limits i should aim for to make sure the game is playable atleast on most mobile tablets and some upper end devices? Id really hate to see this game go to waste because it cant handle the demands of all my mechanics in place after i try to build each up to a point where its actually useful in the game(I.E. i need more than 5 items for the house editing...if i add say...75 items would it cause a noticeable difference in game speed or function alongside increasing all other assets? Or can these games get pretty complicated and still run smooth?

    I apologize for amateur questions, but as i said, this is the first game i have EVER attempted with any software in any circumstance. Im just a longtime gamer, and stumbled across construct2 as i recently got into app developing using andromo.

    **another 2 major concerns of mine that i would even be willing to pay for support on should the game be playable with everything in place mentioned above is....

    --Social integration, such as facebook and leaderboards, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, some form of online game state save, or way for players to save their unlocked items and game progress. This is HUGELY important to the concept of the game, as it is so expansive, many players would be very put off to not be able to always gain access to their hard earned items and game. Its also crucial to conern number 2....

    -IAP and Admobs. I really want to offer overly fair pricing for premium currency, and be set apart from gaming industry standards in the way that i DONT want to charge ridiculous prices, or cram a game full of adds. I just want to offer a great deal to players should they support us and enjoy our game and efforts. I would heavily reward paying customers, and still treat FREE players as if they were royalty, making sure they have plenty of resources to earn currency, items, and not get left behind for not paying. In other words i dont want it to be necessary to pay for the game at all, only an option to leave open to the more loyal player base to show us their support. Not paying will not disadvantage or harm any free player in any way, other than ads, which will still be VERY minimal, probably only even in options screens and such.

    ----------With the last 2 concerns, i was able to use the rex parse plugin and create the ability for a player to sign up, and send a save state to my parse database. I see the players info and a string when they save, but im unsure how to call this back into the game and have online saves. PLEASE help with this! If you cannot directly help, are any of you at least AWARE of a construct2 game that allows for online saving and recovering game progress even after an uninstall or deleting local storage???

    --Part 2, the IAP and Admobs, are these working, i have tried and read through Lord knows how many articles in the forums and online, but there are so many topics and problems with this, as i move forward i just want to know, is there one or more good options to include IAP for premium currency, and removing ADS if ADS are able to be added? Id like for players on any platform to be able to purchase currency or an ad free version for their respective platform type.

    -----On the last 2 parts, if there is a SOLID, definite way to add in ONLINE saves and IAP and ADMOBS i would be willing to pay GOOD money to have someone either talk me through implementing it, or helping me personally with my .CAPX file. I obviously cant post the .CAPX here because its my whole game concept and i didnt save a short example version early on enough, but for a seriously interested and reputable person i can work something out privately.

    I REALLY love this software, and whatever happens i have been able to make an amazing game, with almost no limit to my imagination, which is a lifelong dream of mine, so its well worth it anyways, but id really love to take this to the next level and put my passion to work. At this time im literally not sleeping 3-4 nights out of the week and putting my heart and soul into this project.

    ---I have an open discussion group for a few involved team members on skype and we are creating an early watch program for people to actively input suggestions and feedback into the game, to make it truly amazing for all gaming fans. If you are interested in joining the team, or the early watch program, please email me at or look up Fanguide Marketing on Facebook and message me there.

    Thank you in advance to ANYONE reading this far into my post, and a HUGE thanks to those who are able to reply, help, or express their feedback on the project. I look forward to releasing the final version of this game to the community in a few months, and hopefully entering into the gaming world.

    P.S.---i have another Fruit Ninja variation Series of games im working on that is SUPER cool, so cool i cant even post the ideas public until i release the games, but i can talk to some of the more expert programmers privately that may be interested in helping. Seriously...its cool lol.

    Thanks everyone!

    Steve Newell

    Fanguide Marketing

    *Graphics are currently 75% placeholders, we have 1 Professional graphic designer currently compiling artwork but all mechanics are in place, and images can be swapped out easy, including existing characters and pins for equipment, as it is all the same scaling.

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  • Cool! Do you have a demo?

  • Seems interesting.

    Wish you best luck!

  • While reading I was thinking "wow it must be great" but then I saw this screenshot...

    It looks like the writing of this text took much more time than drawing it. Waiting for the another graphic!

  • RedBlackSpade haha dont feel bad, the current graphics are placeholders while i have graphic designers working on assets. The main thing was getting mechanics in place, images will be an easy swap now. The concept of the game is what matters, and im proud after 3mo or so programming everything is in place working smoothly. It was a pain making character switches universal and making sure nothing locked was accessible too early or other buggy problems. I actually am consulting with a great artist in the forums here "deadbyte" and i already have a designer across the country employed and workingon this.

    Still looking for help or confirmation there is SOME way of making saves online, even if i have to pay for it.

  • Ill post a demo next week with a special beta tester cheat code to unlock everything and try it out. Thanks for the replies!

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