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  • Hello everyone! You play as hongo the bear. Yeah. Its very difficult, i spent about a week on it, I am still expanding it a LOT, and the only hitboxes that need work are the clouds. This is the beta. Everything in it was designed by me, and help with sis and bro in law. The real life backgrounds in early game will soon be replaced. I did all the drawings with the in-construct sprite editor and a laptop mouse pad. I know the drawings suck, but i like em lol they are funny and have charm. ALSO, I couldnt figure out how to apply animations to the character, so I just looped him in one. Anything else wouldnt work. First area used to be much better but a glitch made it so when i edited the enemy sprite i made in that area, construct would freeze. I would clone sprite, freeze. SO i removed them all, no problems so far again. I only have 29 events i think so I won't be running out of free version anytime soon. This has been tested right before I put the link here, and this demo is entirely beatable. There's no impossible parts. There IS a sharp difficulty curve though. Anyways, ENJOY.

    https://0ef97ec76e4ab3c863475c7b9d2fefd ... index.html

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  • Shoot any criticisms at me, and give me advice for future levels! My feelings wont be hurt lol. Typos for level names were intentional.

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