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    I cant choose which style looks best for a pixel art type isometric and platformer game. I am hoping for some feedback on the two different characters. Actual in game size will probably be the middle pair and the right pair.

    The clothes, especially the shorts need some work...I sort of added them last second because I'm first designing the characters nude. Playing with some paperdoll/clothing options.

    I may go with a different look entirely as I am currently experimenting with animations using mesh deformations. Currently it is working great with the pixel art animating tests ive done so far.

    I also may find out that the current character design might not work best in an isometric game world. My current thought on the characters are they are twice as tall as my game tiles will be.

    Meaning collisions take place only in the lower half of the image(in isometric mode)

    The reason I currently have two styles is for the two different views. I cant decide If I want a single model for both views, or if one model looks best for a platformer view and the other looks best for isometric. I'm not really sure >.<

    Anyways thats why im posting this to make use of the collective brains on the internet. Spit forth your thoughts!

    Also, this is my first ever attempt at doing art myself which adds to my self criticism. Usually pay for others to make it. This is what I get for trying something new I guess.

  • I don't think (or can't see) there are huge differences between them.

  • The one on the left of each pair gets my vote. Practically speaking it's much clearer at smaller sizes, and personally, has a lot more polish and charm than the other. Either way, good luck!

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  • the left one might be easier to pull off.. there's a lot more detail on the right one.. I personally like the right one better... can you post some background images to get a reference for other materials?

  • The style on the left is going to be less infuriating when it comes to animations and drawing other characters. Take it from me that keeping it simple is definitely better. My own game went through 3 distinct art styles before I finally landed on the one I wanted. You might find yours will grow organically too as you develop the game, so if you keep it simpler now you're setting yourself up better for future changes.

    As for having two different sprites, that's up to you. I'd use one for now and if you feel you want to have a distinct sprite for isometric and platformer then add it in later.

  • Well, Ive added another character and some basic grass into my original post. This character has been fun to work with. Cant say they will make it in game...Im just playing around figuring out a style that works well for me.

    I think im going to end up using the more detailed sprites. They seem like a fun learning experience if anything.

    I also feel going more detailed can make a more memorable world and characters.

    Regrettably I have run across a major issue though....My animations in Construct2 get broken.

    In unity and game maker my animations are smooth and look as I intend.

    In construct2 however, I think it renders things differently because the animations are not smooth.

    Best way I can describe it, Gamemaker/unity render pixels in between pixels?

    I really cant think of a way to fix this in construct....I even tried increasing how many frames my animations had in hopes for a smoother result. No luck.

    See for yourselves...the animations create lines in how they are rendering. Purely an optical illusion as pixels are shifting and moving....however the effect does not exist in the other game engines.

    If people have tips on removing that effect I would greatly appreciate it. ... index.html

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