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  • Gyruss is a shoot 'em up game from the 80's.

    Got the basics laid out in C2.

    1. HUD

    2. Starfield

    3. Player

    HUD is arcade style. Stars are spawned from the mid point play screen and moved along a random angle (between 0 - 360 degrees). Player (ship) rotates in a circular motion around the mid point screen. The player can shoot lasers that move to the mid point screen and scale down to give depth.

    I haven't figured out how to make the attack wave patterns for the enemies. So, any suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated.

    I won't be publishing this game if or when I finish it. Gyruss is a trade mark game

    I've attached a screen shot and hope to hear from you with all your comments, suggestions etc.

    Long live Construct2


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  • Nice one ! Bring back the good old memories ! Keep up the good work

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