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  • This is where it all begins in GunnSwitch. This scene is almost final at about 80%.

  • Update:

    Took me longer than it should but I had a 6 day work week to contend with..but here we are and now we have backgrounds that change hue over time in the caves..looks awesome and seamless!

    We are ahead of schedule on the cave portion of the demo and are at about 90% done with more than 3 weeks to go before we hit our set deadline. Cannot wait to get to the next stage!

    Next stage and environment will be a drive up a mountain side on the road to the rebels base. This include mountains by the sea, ancient battlegrounds, and a menacing attack on you and the rebels. This is an action Stage where you wont be able to exit the tank, this is full on "Metal Slug", "GunStar Heroes" and "Contra" all out balls to the wall action lol Featuring scaling enemies, explosions, a battle ship and a airship trying to nail you with a barrage of missile attacks. Enemy soldiers will make their first appearance as well as enemy weaponized mini drones.

    We will update soon with a new look at the cave.

    Have a good one!

  • Update:

    This weeks work has been challenging, the cave scene keeps evolving and increasing in visual complexity, that last 10% of the stage is the toughest yet most rewarding. Once we are done polishing this level it is going to shine, I dont want to over sell it but I can say I am really surprised and proud of what we have achieved with it.

    I'll keep the extra stuff we added as a surprise. We will reveal the stage once we think are 98%-100% complete, looking back at the older posts and screenshots on this thread, its pretty cool to see how much it has changed in so little time, especially now. I'll do a screen comparison through the five different stages of the caves visual evolution.

    Love that the Construct 2 community is pumping out some really good looking and fun games lately and at a higher volume! With these latest projects we can really prove that C2 is a powerhouse 2d engine, you just have to learn and put in the time and the work...and lets make sure we finish our games, lets not let our stories and expressions be left unfinished! Good luck to everyone, happy deving and have a great weekend!

  • Here is a sneak peek at how the cave is coming along..its at about 90% done...the last 10% of work will be new fire and smoke particles, arrangement of lighting, adding more color to the tank and a few more tidbits.

  • The development of the visuals for the caves in GunnSwitch are at 95% completion! We are very curious, as most love hungry indie devs, do you all out there like the look and theme? Your criticism and suggestions are valued! Cheers!

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  • Is there a playable demo anywhere online or for download? Trailers and screenshots are nice, but the best way to get a feel for a game is obviously just to play it haha

    Looks like this has been in development for a while, too. It's always cool to see dedication to larger scale projects like this :)

  • AySquirrel Thanks for the comment! At the moment the game is playing wonderfully but we cant demo it yet as there are some really awesome game mechanics we dont want to give away right now. When the full demo (40 minutes, 4 stages) is ready later this year we look forward to you playing The game has been in concept phase for 2 years on and off and the actual development time has been 6 months. We were just trying to see if people liked the look of the game. Cheers!

  • Here is a look at some of the stages of development in GunnSwitch's caves. From the concept art to a prototype with megaman as the test player through to a rough looking draft of the player to what we think is the look we want and didnt know we wanted lol #gamedev #indiegamedev

  • Here is a couple more new looks at the caves in GunnSwitch.

  • Our first little preview trailer of the caves section in the GunnSwitch demo releasing later this year.

    Click the link to get a good look at the game in full screen. Cheers

  • Proud to present our new tank sprite! Our artist Natal added more depth, higher resolution, color, and a couple adjustments. There is one or two more additions but we'll keep that a secret for now..

  • Here are two more screens of the cave before we move on, we are now focusing on an outdoor area code named "Road To Rebel Base". Its going to be a balls out action stage with plenty of pew pews and bam bams and BOOMS! Happy Gaming Everyone!

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