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  • A while back I made Gumdrop Frenzy with Game Maker Studio. I like GMS however I can't justify paying the money they want for what construct gives me for less than two bills personal license. Anyway on to Gumdrop Frenzy. The game is basically the same except I added more and better movement. I do have future plans for a high score table and I will try to keep improving upon the game. I do wish to have any and all critique.

    Gumdrop Frenzy is fun for all ages and will put your hand eye coordination to the test as well as how patient you are with video games. Psycho Hamster Games cannot and will not be responsible for any actions, violent or otherwise that may occur from Gumdrop Frenzy. Get your hands and eyes ready for one of the most intense games ever to bestow upon you. In Gumdrop Frenzy you must clear 15 levels of gumdrops all the time each level cleared gets harder and harder. When you catch a gumdrop the great Mooka Mooka throws in a bomb on the play field because you stole his gumdrop. Can you get all of the gumdrops from all 15 levels? Can you avoid the bombs that Mooka Mooka leaves for you?


    • Single Player

    • Old School

    • Designed To Make You Try Harder

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    Planned Features

    • High Score Online

    • Social Bragging

    • Loading Screens

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