Grid Passer: (Update: Alpha Version 0.7. 8/27/2014)

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  • Hello fellow scirians <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> ,

    This is my work in progress game called Grid Passer; a retro style arcade game where the objective is to clear the yellow/green/blue/purple

    grid cells. Since its still in development, read the tutorial bellow to understand how to play the game. I plan to update it until i get to

    1.0. You can play the game on game jolt, with a keyboard or gamepad. The game uses random grid cell generation, so there

    is no level ceiling for scoring points. Although the final version 2.0 game will have an ending to it. 8)

    Planned features

    -Qwerty & Azerty keyboard layout setting, gamepad support.

    -Mouse and gamepad support.

    -Increase difficulty per score milestone.

    -3 types of cells (positive, negative, and random cells)

    -Game jolt score uploading.

    -Unique music.

    -Full screen support.


    Your objective is to clear all positive cells, while avoiding the negatives cells which deplete your score.

    Passing over a positive cell will earn you a base point. If you pass over another cell with the same color/symbol,

    as your last pass, it will yield higher points.

    Once you pass a cell, it flips into a mutli colored cell left by orb. These cells exists, as long as you don't overlap them.

    Keeping as many of them by the end of the level, will earn you bonus points.

    Each level milestone reached, will introduce a new dangers on your journey through the fabric of space time.

    Can you get orb to his final destination?

    If using mouse, use the left click for menu text and to move 1 cell distance from player.

  • Today i bring you version 0.2 of Grid Passer. Change log listed bellow.

    -New addtion: Sprite font, that replaces the place holder font.

    -New addition: Title Screen, with play and options menu items.

    -Precfong settings renamed as options, to use for the options menu.

    -New addtion: Points indicator every time you pass a tile.

    -New addition: Game Jolt score submission!

    Remember to refresh your browser, to clear the catched get old version.

    More to come next week, or sooner.

    Beat my crappy score! 8P

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  • Quick update to address a bug, but with new features!

    -Fixed Bug: Level did not reset after leaving to the title screen.

    -Fixed Bug: Guest could not post their scores to leaderboard.

    -New Addition: High score is now saved to local storage.

    -New Addition: Level indicator in the hud.

    -New Addition: Plus points sound effect.

    -Feature tweak: bonus points indicator reduced to 1 spawned font on level passed.

    -Effect tweak: reduced the amplitude of the grid distortion.

    -Build Change: Game now is correctly aligned in the Game Jolt iframe.

    More Updates to come next week, or sooner. 8)

  • New 0.4 build early, to correct an issue and more!

    -Fixed Bug: Player did not attach to color cell in special case.

    -Fixed Bug: Even cell rows did not shift in the correct direction.

    -Tweak: Moved keyboard layout settings as a sub option in the options menu.

    -Tweak: Change all text to upper case for legibilty.

    -New Addition: Mouse support (For casual players) Just use left click on menus and grid cells you want to move to (withen 1 cell distance from player)

    -New Addition: Fullscreen. If using mouse, click on on/off text.

    -Known Issue: Menu navagation for gamepad not yet in place. Will get to that in next version.

    Next version will diffently see gameplay additions.

    See you next week, or sooner. 8)

  • This alpha version, gave me the most problems but any who. New release 0.5!

    -Tweak: Rewrote the plus points function, to fix a bug and optimize.

    -Bug Fix: Gamepad menu navigation now works.

    -Bug Fix: Player could have moved while the falling animation was playing.

    -New Addition: Increasing grid cell size per level milestone.

    -New Addition: Random cell.

    If you want to change key layout region for keyboard, make sure after you click with the mouse, the "keyboard" text in the options menu, to press enter key afterwords to enter the region setting.

    See ya next week, or sooner. 8)

  • The way the grid changes is kinda confusing. I'll give it another go when I'm not slightly tipsy..

  • New alpha version 0.6. Been sick, so i might take a little longer for next release.

    -New Addition: Star Cell (a randomly appearing rare cell that appears in all levels, with big points if gotten in time)

    -Bug: Reprogrammed the mouse controls to fix a logic issue.

    -Tweak: Unhid the player's movement grid for mouse controls, to make it user friendly for this control style.

    Remains hidden for keyboard and gamepad.

    -New Sound Effect: Falling

    -New Sound Effect: Teleporting

    See you next week. 8)

  • The way the grid changes is kinda confusing. I'll give it another go when I'm not slightly tipsy..

    Odd cells scroll left, and even cells scroll right. Yeah, its tricky.

    I don't drink, so i suggest soda substitute xB

  • The last alpha build 0.7 is released. The beta will go private until i reach final 1.0 in two-three months from now. For story/cinematic content, polish, music, and Q&A. If you want to help out with a short Q&A, send me a private message and i'll be in contact (you'll get the full retail 2.0 version for free through email or steam after 1.0 release.) Here is the update log.

    -New Addition: Lock cell (a negative cell, that locks player's movement to only four directions, until they win or fall off grid.)

    -New Addition: Detonate cell (removes all cells within X range)

    -New Addition: Grid shifted speed increases you pass a level.

    -Tweak: mouse held movement is put back in.

    -Bug Fix: Player would respawn incorrectly.

    -Bug Fix: Player's movement grid would still be visible, if th grid was outside of the bottom grid area.

    -Bug Fix: level text would toggle between capital letters and lower case letters.

    See ya in do time! Thanks for playing. Remember to reach game discription for how to play. Also refresh browser if you played it before, so you don't play an old version. 8)

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