Greed - a proc gen dungeon crawler sort of thing

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  • I had a pleasant experience on my Macbook air 1.7 Ghz hd 5000 with steady 60 fps all the way through. I find it really interesting so far and can't wait to see where you intend to go with this, i like everything so far ^^

    especially that it is a shmup / twin stick shooter :3

  • In this update:

    • 2 new rings! 2 random rings now spawn somewhere on the level.
    • Status effects! Ice slows enemies, fire does extra damage, lightning stuns enemies so they can't attack, poison does damage over time.
    • A boss room! You'll find a big, forbidding locked room. The key is somewhere on the level.
    • A boss! Fight him if you dare! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_evil.gif" alt=":evil:" title="Evil or Very Mad">
    • Also, death! Permadeath even, it's a roguelike after all... ... index.html

  • Also, the long-promised devlog. I'll still update this thread now and then, but this is where the most frequent updates will be happening from now on!

  • Random dungeons are great. I hope I can do something like this in the future.

  • Update v19

    More stuff! Bombs, more rings, and a start screen... check the devlog for details. Inventory's the next big job to get done.

  • Back in development, baby! This update introduces an inventory, levelling and new potions, as well as an improved GUI and a really nice graphical overhaul courtesy of Crafting system coming soon, so you won't be wandering around with pockets full of gold and jewels for long.

    Have a play with the demo on the site, any feedback appreciated!

    Update v26

  • Crafting is now in the game! People kept asking what all the mining was for - well, now it actually serves a purpose. Find the forge that spawns somewhere on every level and use the metals and jewels you've mined to smith new rings and add new spells to existing ones.

    Latest version here. Feedback appreciated!

  • Reminds me of Hammerwatch in style. the bombs feel a /little/ too loud for my taste, but I guess that might be because its 4 AM.

    The fact you made this with construct 2 is leaving me speechless.

    How many events do you have if you don't mind me asking?

    Oh, and also, would love a tutorial as I'm sure many others would :p

    Thanks for linking to Abhilash's tutorial page, I don't think I would have found it without you.

    Fun game btw!

    • - the tutorial by Abhilash2863 for those wondering
  • Very nice.. good atmosphere and sounds. Played my whole lunch break.

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  • Amazing!

    The lighting is really good, would you mind explaining how you did that?

  • really amazing!

    i also would be interested in how you did the lighting. also the map reveal is quite amazing...

    most times i get big problems with the fog of war because of to many collision checks and when to despawn it. also with the line of sight despawn... didnt figured it out so far.

    kind regards


  • Superb game. I really liked it. Great work devs

  • Hey hey, thanks so much for all the kind comments! This project's on indefinite hiatus at the moment because, unfortunately, I've just lost the will to work on it over the past few months. It's become a bit unwieldy and a chore to work on - to answer your question SwatHound, there are over 1,500 events in the main event sheet alone I think a better programmer than me could probably cut that down by quite a lot though. It's been a great learning experience for me, and I've found out so much amazing stuff about what C2 is capable of, but I think it's unlikely I'll do any more with it - I'd like to focus on smaller, more achievable projects for now.

    The lighting's a bit complicated to explain, but actually pretty simple in practice. It's basically a combination of layers, the Canvas object (with blend mode set to DestinationOut) and little "light window" sprites that are created, then pasted to the canvas and destroyed. I started trying to explain it but to I realised I've forgotten exactly how it works, so instead I'll just share the .capx and hopefully people can figure it out from that. It's just a few lines in the "Illumination" group in the Main event sheet, but you'll need to look at the layers the objects are on and the opacities of those layers to get it right.


    Hope it's useful for anyone trying to make a roguelike game too (if they've got the patience to sift through my horrible code). If anyone's got any questions about it, please ask and I'll answer the best I can!

    Thanks a lot to everyone who's supported this project, especially and Wrangler for the awesome graphics they made.

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