Greed - a proc gen dungeon crawler sort of thing

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  • Cheers guys

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  • Quite a big update, this! First of all, I've got rid of the melee attack completely, so now you just mine by pushing up against the walls, and instead of swinging your pickaxe you have a ranged attack. I've also switched the controls so WASD is now move, arrow keys shoot - I've gone back to playing The Binding of Isaac lately which was a big inspiration for this game, and I noticed that's how it's laid out in that and it does feel more natural.

    So now you can throw rocks about the place - you won't be doing that forever though as it's just your default attack. As you can tell from the new UI icons, you'll soon be able to equip a variety of magic rings to shoot spells, buff you up and other things. Loot's the next big thing on the agenda for me, and I'm possibly going to tackle the inventory system after that <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_confused.gif" alt=":?" title="Confused">

    Anyhoo, I'm pretty happy with how it's all going at the moment! This update's definitely taken it a big step closer to feeling like the game I want to make.

    Did I mention the floating skulls of doom? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil"> ... index.html

  • Wow! This has changed so much from the time I played it first! New enemies, new sounds, new animations! Everything works in harmony to create a really nice atmosphere. Love it! It smells of hexen merged with binding of isaac and some dnd dwarf greed thrown in. The possibilities are exciting! Will be folowing this. And you definately need a devblog. Where we can follow your progression easily.

  • Windwalker Thanks! That means a lot, big fan of the atmosphere of Heretic and Hexen (especially that music ). I've already set up a tumblr for the devblog, I'm thinking of starting it once I've got the nuts and bolts sorted and I can really start getting down to the meaty meaty game bits.

  • And here we are with the loot! Barrels and crates are finally smashable, releasing sweet goodies, and more importantly the first spell has made it into this update too. Seek and ye shall find a magic ring of fire somewhere on this level, and then go smash some face with it.

    It's been a really productive few days, and I'm really pleased with how the game's coming together - I basically started this project to see whether I could make a roguelike dungeon generator in Construct, and that's since somehow grown into all of this. Devblog coming soon! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> ... index.html

  • Looking good .

  • In this update:

    -Dwarf always spawns in a non-hostile, ringless room

    -New ring! Go find it!

    -Mana potions. Recharge them rings

    -Tunnel spiders. Try not to get poisoned...

    -You can now equip up to 2 rings, use Q and E to switch between them

    -Statues and fountains, yay ... index.html

  • Nice looking game, has come a long way already

    I played around, found both rings, the fire one range is a tad short.

    I wasn't able to die, my health was gone by some spiders attacking/poisening me, and my life bars were empty and I was able to keep playing.

    I thought the the rats looked a bit ... weird lol, kinda mangey, and hard to kill :

    Nice work !

  • Thanks Yep, still no way to die as yet, that's just me being lazy as it's easier to test things that way! I guess I could just write it in and leave it disabled while I'm testing. The rat sprites are from an old Bitmap Brothers game called The Chaos Engine, but everything's placeholder at the moment, all the sprites (including the dwarf) will eventually be replaced when I get around to getting some custom art drawn.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. My plan for the long term is that you'll be able to smelt rings together to combine their effects, so a sort of build-your-own twin stick shooter/roguelike hybrid. With mining!

  • Looks and feels great! Exploring places and finding gold is really addictive but damn that spider scared the crap out of me when i first saw one! So yeah the game surprised me! Gotta try this another time. Awesome and impressive work and the map generating blew up my mind.

  • Hey lolpaca you sent me a PM regarding art but I cannot PM you back as I do not have the required rep to do so yet. If you want to PM me another way to contact you like email or a skype address I can contact you that way.

  • Whoa, some big changes from the last time I played! It's shaping up very well, good work!

  • Good work

    Many (and fast) progress since the last post.

    The sound made a great difference.

  • Thanks, everyone! The development's reaching an exciting stage, the next one should be a biggie - loads of new rings, new enemies and a locked boss room to take on, so I'll finally have something close to a complete level

    I'd also be interested in hearing how it's performing on people's machines: it always runs fine on my home PC, but that's a pretty hefty beast designed for playing your Skyrims and whatnot. On my work laptop (which doesn't even have a graphics card afaik) it slows to such a crawl that it's practically unplayable.

    This project is intended for Node-Webkit export for reasonably well-equipped desktops, but I'm conscious that there are a lot of particle effects, collision checks and so on going on and I want to keep performance as smooth as I can. Please let me know if it's getting laggy or jerky and if so, what kind of setup you have. (You can press "I" to toggle dev info on and off)

  • This is great! I'd love a tutorial on this

    The slowdown might be because of all the collisions with all the tiles. I think there's an example out there that makes it so the only tiles with collisions enabled are the ones directly around the player.

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