Gravekeeper- Eerie and Stylized Low Poly

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  • Atmospheric sidescroller, take the challenge of managing and keeping order in a restless necropolis.

    Current stage: Mockups, prototyping, and conceptualizing


    Pine- Assets Design and Concepts

    Valentine- Character Design and Concepts

    Myself- Programming, Music, and Modeling


    Play as the graveyard's overseer, trained in the arcane arts (but now retired). Guard the graves as the skeletal bodies underneath try to protrude. Reach the tombs in time and cast a spell over them in order to avoid a body to rise, wait too long and the undead will unearth and roam either aimlessly or with all the intention of giving you a hard time. Roaming bodies require longer and/or more complex spells. It's all fun and games until someone looses a limb.

    Entities and presences also lurk the graveyard, protect yourself with the appropriate rituals or try to strike up an agreement...but whose...yours or theirs?

    Gear up, after all, you are the night shift guy. Equip yourself for the pitch black of night, gather the essentials: lamps & oils, spells, rituals, charms, and trinkets.

    Game progress will be presented in the form of map expansion. The Graveyard will grow in sectors towards the right offering different enemy types and challenges.


    Main character concept

    Tombstones concepts


    This is a very early work in progress, currently the basics of the lamp dynamics. I finally implemented, in a minigame sort of way, a quite watered down idea of the actual gameplay.

    Arrow keys- movement

    Hold Spacebar to cast spell

    1, 2, 3 (top row)- Candlelight color

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  • Good luck...

    I can't see the player, only the fire stick.

  • A0Nasser and everyone else who has asked about the player.

    I apologize, guys, but there's no player character yet!! Barely into the prototyping stage and making assets by myself (unpainted assets to be precise). But soon, very soon. In fact, i'm not sure if walking sticks/canes will make it to the final product.

    I updated the mockup/prototype with an interesting example of where it all will expand from. Also added some sound effects for the dirt grumbling and "spellcasting". Try it out!

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