Grandmother !&#$ Zombie needs your feedback! :)

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  • Hi guys. My brother and I are in the development process of this game: It would be of great help to us if you can play it a give some feedback. Thank you ::)

  • Fun time killer, did not have any major problems, alto all the menu buttons started game instead opening options/credits page but I assume this was on purpose due to early development status.

    + Music was great.

    + Gameplay was fun.

    + Graphics, nice work.

    • Quite often enemies got stuck behind fences.
    • Enemies felt bit boring, maybe new type of enemy that has ranged attack(s)? Tried only first level, so not sure if enemies types changed after that.
  • Great game man! This is loads of fun and looks really good. Keep going.

  • Liked it as well. Really cool thing

    Some minor bugs (i can see the seens of the tiled floor/enemys sometimes spawn right next to you) but if you get that handled it´ll be awsome

  • Well, that looks great man. Really nice 3d Characters and layout. My only feedback is about the menu/cover of the game, is the first thing you see and is less awesome than the actual game. I think it may be better to make it with the same 3D characters you already made than the Cartoon you already have. Thats all. Great work.

  • Fun and satisfy, but sometime the enemies appeared from nowhere, or suddenly disappear.

    Otherwise it's pretty cool, Keep up the good work.

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  • Nice graphics I liked it

  • It's really enjoyable. My only complaint is that at the start of the game I thought sheep were not enemies but I was trying to save as many sheeps possible from zombie farmers. Because sheep sprites dont have any visible disfugrations on their left side Also , it seems demo does not end when I kill all the enemies. Really enjoyable, keep working on this ::)

  • Thank you all of you guys for all your feedback. I wanted to thank all of you before but It has been a tough month for both, my brother and I. We will consider all your comments to make this game a lot better, again, thank you all.

  • Very nice Graphics.. Modelled by your self?

    Would like to see the finished game.. Keep Going!

  • Vesperugo Thank you!! for your comment!!. The graphics are being modelled by my brother, I am more the 'code' guy. For you, or any other person interested, you could like us on facebook that way you can keep track of our advancement on the game!. Thank you again and Ill let you know when we finish the game! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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