Good Ol' Beatdown Brawl (Working title, Early Alpha)

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  • Thought I would go ahead and post it even though there is no real gameplay to be had at the moment. This is still extremely early alpha. Just looking to get some feedback on the current setup. I have some pretty lofty goals for this. I would like to implement a single player mode that pits you against a fairly competent AI (like you would find in smash bro's or medabots ax), a multiplayer networked mode with up to 4 players per room, melee attacks, multiple control type support, etc. Being that this is my first go at a game, not to mention my first time playing with Construct 2, it's going to take me awhile. The game is hosted on one of my lower end servers so if you run into issues, it's probably because I am running a 512mb hard cap instance in cloud linux . Bring on the critiques!

    Link (recommend you open in another tab):

    user: demo

    pass: demo1

    Abilities/Controls at a glance:

    • W = Jump
    • A = Left
    • D = Right
    • S = Fall through
    • A/D + S = Dash (Dash for .3 seconds with a .3 second cooldown)
    • Q = Drop recall point
    • E = Recall to drop point (15 second cooldown. Resets double jump, wall jump, and dash abilities to 0)
    • Space (held for 1 or less seconds) = Normal shot (3 shots, 1 second cooldown every 3 shots)
    • Space (held for greater than 1 second but less than 3) = charged shot (2 shots, 1 second cool down every 2 shots)
    • Space (held for 3 or more seconds) = fully charged shot (1 shot, 1 second cooldown every 1 shot)
    • Short jump/High jump (depends on length of jump key being pressed)
    • Double jump (1 before needing to land)
    • Wall jump (2 before needing to land)
    • Wall slide


    You can now customize the controls! Let me know if you find any bugs. If in game, press ESC to return to the intro layout so that you can change the controls. Additionally alt and esc are not a selectable key for controls.

  • beardedeagle

    i like the idea of a brawling game for pc/browser, especially the multiplayer concept. Imo it feels nice to play the character (spent some minutes just jumping around because it feels "right") and has fun potential!

    I'd love to shoot with mouse and jump on space tho'. But this is just some personal preference. Anyway I like the idea & the raw concept.

  • Gougth

    I am going to change the controls to be user selected. There will be a default layout that you can change to your needs. Thanks for the suggestion. And thanks for the positive feedback. Glad you enjoyed what is there so far.

  • Looks fine! Will the end result be something like caddillacs and dinasours!?

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  • Windwalker

    Didn't even know that was a thing lol. It will be more like Medabots AX if anything. Though I am planning on item drops similar to Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

  • Gougth

    you can customize the controls now. still working on a method to be able to select the mouse buttons.

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