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  • Not yet to be named or anything, but currently working on a nice looking possibly multiplayer racing (or not) game, with some nice graphics and little bit of humour. You can try it with a friend on one computer, just use arrow keys or WSAD to play player 1 and player 2.


    weather, slicks marks, rain, trees, tribunes, people, people with umbrellas when raining, collisions with tyres, collisions with karts, drone, fence, reflections in wet road, time of lap, best time lap.

    sound effects ( try to hit other player:)

    to be done:

    • collisions with trees, fence, tribune, posts
    • not be able to go out of the screen.

    go to (http)://radolomeo.cba.pl/

  • Czesc,

    Very nice.

    I really like it.

    How do you handle the iso 3D, especially the collisions?

    Transparent sprites on 2D map with physics behavior?

    Did you export 16 or 32 views of the gokarts and rotate them depending on the angle?

    At last, did you do the artwork yourself?

    Graphics are nice.

    Ah, and the quadcopter putting back the tires is a great idea


  • Czesc. Polak?

    first of all, all the artwork is mine, rendered in 3d. Gokarts have 72 angle renders each. quite a lot, but makes it smooth turning, which i really wanted to achieve. the camera angle is about 45 degree axis, and it was quite hard to achieve car behavior to act like isometric, so going down the screen is about half the speed of going horizontal. no physics at all. every collision is scripted with simple math. the objects has additional variable of pushing in each direction. if two objects hit, the push variable is set to angle between those two objects, but different direction and value of the "mass". and the push value is each tick divided by 1.01 so it stops at some time. that gives the imitation of drifting a kart and pushing all the objects.

    At first i wanted to make a guy running and collecting the tires, but the thing was everybody would like to hit the guy with a car, so it wouldn't be safe for him. i needed to figure out another way of resetting the level. i will also add the event when rain cleans the slicks marks from the road, so after rain the track will be clean.

    thanks for the feedback, and hope you will enjoy it even more. I really wanted to make it web multiplayer game, so that you can join the room and race with other players, but have no clue how to do it yet. if i made it i have so many more ideas for multiplayer assets.

  • Looks like Skidrow for the Amigas!!!

    WANT IT!

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  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'm French, but I stayed/worked in Wroclaw several times and really loved it

    Good job with the 3D models. Impressive.

    What tool did you use?

    I'm using sketchup but I can only do simple models. And it takes me like forever :/

    Recently, I made a simple game for my kid and I have used 3D models from the sketchup warehouse and exported 8 frames of each model and used them in Construct (I don't bother with the smoothness for such a simple game. For a prototype I did few years ago in Flash, I used the same technique and exported something like 32 frames and it was acceptable. Of course, more frames the better ), but it took me sooo much time.

    I also agree with you regarding the car behaviour and iso 3D. But someone on the forum suggested to use transparent sprites to use with a physics behavior on a virtual 2D map and draw the iso 3D sprites.

    I think it might work. I'll make a prototype.

    Building the car or physics behavior would be more a pain than a real problem (those behaviors exist, it's just a pity and a waste of time not to be able to use them ).

    I have in mind a racing game that I'd like to make.

    2D top down would make it so easier, but iso 3D gives a better feeling.


  • 3dsmax is the 3d program

    2D top down is sooooo much easier, but the thing is... you will never feel the reality and depth. sadly but true. 2d racing game is simply car behavior and nothing else. i used to do that, but oh.... i needed something more expanded than 5 minutes game making:)

  • Oh. je parle pas francais aussi mais pas tres bien. J'etudi francais pour 8 ans mais, il y a longtemps:)

  • he he, to jest juz bardzo lepiej niz moje polskiego

    Prosze piwo!


  • Btw, do you do this game as a hobbyist or as a freelancer?


  • hobbyist, but wish to do it commercially. maybe some day. Though i haven't seen any known games made in construct 2. It has so much potential, and easy to work with, but no big names came from this engine.


  • I don't think it's a matter of which tool is used.

    It's more about the idea, quality and investment.

    But I assume that construct 2 is mainly used by hobbyists and freelancers who don't intend to invest a lot for publishing a great game.

    In terms of investment, some other popular engines would be probably a better choice.


    ps: how much time have you already spent on this game btw?

  • about 10 hours altogether.

  • Hi,

    Some progress ?


  • impressive i like the environnement, it make me think about some landscape in a strategy game.

    perhaps due to the orthographic view.

    keep up the good work...

  • I managed to do it online multiplayer. Though as my fears were it is too laggy to play smoothly. I did it quite the way the tutorial was showing, so simulation is happening on the host game. players send an input, it is simulated on host and then it is given position and rotation back to the peer, and the latency of input is too slow to make it playable. but i am working on a different idea of this. we will see. i will upload the new version i guess today.

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