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  • So i decided to treat myself and do a small side project. Lets see how that works out ...

    You play raven girl which has to free the ravens that are held captive all across the town.

    Enemies react to sound and vision, avoid them or take them down.

    I declare the mechanics to be complete and now move on to grafics. Not a strong suit of mine. ... aven-23421

    [Space]: Takedown

    approach guards unnoticed to kill them with a single blow

    [Shift]: Crouch

    move slowly or hide behind low obstacles (grey)

    [Ctrl]: Throw rock

    create noise to attract or distract guards


    Update 13.03.2018:

    We have a few testmaps set up, would appreciate some playtesting and feedback.

    Details below!

    Update 23.01.2018:

    So we got some basic visuals in: check the test level with a first set of environment tiles!

    Arcade version has been updated - feedback is appreciated!

  • Cool stuff, I like the stealth mechanic, yah graphics could use a bit of help, I saw someone earlier in the general thread asking if they could help with art, you might ping them. Also would like to see at least some presentation of the shot from guard. Do the walls also block the sound, or it just radius based?

  • Mikal thanks!

    Neat idea, walls blocking sound. Could be a simple LoS check upon collision with the sound.

    Could be checking against another type of indoor walls, so I get the option of indoor scenarios where sound can't travel as far.

    So far I was not gonna need it since I'm thinking of very open city scenarios.

    But if I end up running out of level design ideas it might add this kinda additional depth.

  • not bad at all, controls maybe a little bit confusing in my opinion, at least in PC mode.

    It would be nice a cone of vision determining where are the enemies looking.

    Do you need some help with the graphics? I would be honored to help

  • ikkante thanks for the feedback and your offer:)

    Will be PMming you

  • Great! I received your message, and I think this is something we can do.

    Unluckily enough, scirra forums say that i do not have enough «points» to reply your message so we either arrange our collaboration from this forum, or you can PM me with your mail so we can write to each other.

    About your PM, dark fairytale suits completely my style, and i love it but not the pixel (i`m a traditional illustrator and while I use a tablet to draw, pixelart is out of my comfort zone)

  • facecrime I sent you an email with my contact details

  • We have first set of graphics in, complete with some reworked mechanics for enemy detection, fading out buildings that occlude the player and a few more blocked out test maps.

    do check the test map on the arcade - feedback is appreciated

  • A lot has happened, we have blocked out a bunch of levels, developed some new systems and refined many of the mechanics, the stealth in particular.

    I'd like to ask anyone with a minute to spare and an interest in stealth games to give our test maps a go.

    The AI isn't super complex but it makes for nice a stealth-lite experience.

    • AI reacts to sound and sight:

    Enemies have a fairly elaborate setup of vision cones, including things like peripheral vision and long range reaction fall-offs

    • Different floor types affect sound and movement:

    Tiled floors are louder than muddy ground, water slows the player down

    • AI considers floor types:

    Tiled floors are preferred because faster, the cat guards are hesitant to cross water

    Levels are mostly testing grounds for certain mechanics or gameplay challenges, somewhat in the Nintendo spirit of challenge-themed levels.

    More levels are to come, not all mechanics have been explored yet.

    Try it out here: ... aven-23421

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  • Had some fun, would like to see more obvious 'shot' from the guard (perhaps a tracer style shot), not obvious you are being shot at and from where and also, sometimes it just felt like I exploded (though I imagine I was shot). I would like to see more dramatic on contrast on the noise ping, make it a little more obvious.

    The flowing hair animation is great. Good work and hope to see more progress.

  • Mikal thanks for your time and feedback!

    Very good point about the damage feedback. Will definitely need to look into that as we progress.

    We actually want to rework the characters entirely and of course add all the missing animations.

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