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  • Heya guys,

    I've just made this gameplay footage video for AstroColonist, please check it out!

    We're on greenlight here:


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  • I like this idea. But the planets aren't rotating around the sun ? Yes that would be a mess ... But I remember an old Dos Game called Alien Legacy doing this, and it was a lot of fun, having to organize your space travels and fuel use depending on planets positions. But I'm not sure how about your gameplay and how relevant is my comment.

    The url looks truncated and we can't access the steam page, though.

  • ah yes, I actually made them orbit the sun and it all worked and everything, but then you can't actually play the game since it's played like C&C 2d (imagine all the planets orbiting the sun in 2d space, and I have to tell Ship A to goto Planet B, which is whizzing around the sun in a 3D manner, on a 2D plane, let me just say, its a fricken nightmare! lol)

    I'll update the link now - thanks for pointing that out.

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