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  • History: a secret organization called EIA (advanced intergalactic intelligence) discovered an extremely powerful metal called x metal in the year 1980 in the year 2000 all x metal was extracted from the planet in the year 2006 the secret organization discovered a planet formed by Metal xo planet xurdam and in the 2011 Or organization built a rocket that would take a drone made of metal x plus 2 people to this planet and in the year 2013 they went towards the planet and in the year 2017 when the rocket was coming it was Attacked by an unknown target is they fell and all died more the drone deito of the metal x stayed alive, he and enters and communication with a land to sends the information is gets the objective of explores the planet

    And dominalo for an exploration of the metal x and in this gives the goal with 5 challenges

    Destroy all as enemy bases

    Destroy 500 enemy ships.

    Obtain all parts of the ship that have spread throughout the planet during a fall

    Get all travel records

    And get everyone as equipment box scattered across the map

    (Each box has a different equipment that can be used to collect minerals that can be used to make upgrades or play with various weapons and life sighting equipment and power and etc and still features the level system to some weapons only are released At a certain level the Max level and 100) and to move from variable level 0 to 100 at level 1 is 0 to 1000000 at level 99 very complete game several things a huge map of 800000x 800000 full of things textures well done in My measure will try to place Voices in Portuguese and English

    When finishing all the challenges you get in touch with a land for information that the planet is clean for exploration you decide whether you want to continue or quit

    The game counts on a system of conquest with more than 30 conquest (these achievements will not affect your account in scirra are only inside the game that will give metal x for upgrades and XP to advance level)

    The metal x is used to make updates as a quotation beforehand

    How conquest varies between reaching the certain level to buy of powerful weapons and that has a 74 thousand metal x x metal will not be easy to get to will have to collect the minerals scattered by the map or make metal manufactures x varying that enters 3 levels Each time More metal x will give a factory will cost 5000 updates between 6500 8000 and 10000

    It is possible to put one in a place on the map with a system with a scope system for high range (a game with a system of weapons attachments, a hold, a heating and a heating)

    Each weapon will have its bullet different with prices and prices different aiming when sliding the scroll of the mouse the camera of moved away more or would get closer to do destroy ships of a certain point (remembering that when the camera sees the enemies they will go to You to attack is fast)

    This is my project you liked, it's worth doing.

    Of tips to improve it all this in the free version is going to work a lot more it all depends on your support

  • Good luck making a game that big with the free version.

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  • Maybe try something smaller.

    A coin flip perhaps.

    You can use it to decide what part of the forum to post in.

  • Sounds complicated, especially with the free version of Construct. Like newt said: maybe try something smaller to build off of.

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