Galaxias - a Metroidvania Project

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  • Really good stuff. 8-bit done well is always fun to look at.

  • I totally dig what you're doing. Looks great, I like the style and I actually love the lack of background. If you do add any background images in certain areas they will stand out even more.

  • Cryptwalker and - thanks guys! Yeah for sure, key areas will have some significant background elements. It's kind of the 'less is more' approach.

  • I've been experimenting with Spriter recently, and although I hit some hurdles I've had some great success in the last day or so. I've completed moved all my character animations to Spriter, to allow for far greater and easier customization of space suits and weapons... and so far it's working great!

    I'm also prototyping a boss - here are some animations using some of my test graphics:

    Spriter can definitely be used to streamline pixel art and 8bit-ish style graphics. At this point I won't be using it to rotate any individual pieces per say, but it's easy enough to redraw the different angles that I need and animate them on the fly. Props again to for killing it with this program... looking forward to where it's headed in the future. I would almost say it's a must have for small or one man teams.

  • In action:

    edit: this boss is actually pretty hard..

  • I'm really loving the drone element.

  • The boss is looking so ace mudmask! That death animation looks slick too.

    It makes me a little jealous as I'm so far behind on my project.

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  • BLERK!

    The giant Wasp is quite creepy!

  • MPPlantOfficial - thanks man, right now the controls are a LITTLE clunky, because I'm playing around with inertia type movement and bouncing off of things... but I was really racking my brain trying to think of some alternate forms of exploration and interaction, and literally one night it just hit me while I was laying in bed. no joke. it has the potential to be kind of cheesy, so I'm trying to really handle those elements with proper planning and care. I thought about having some kind of auto attack, too...

    ryanrybot - dude thanks. my wife got on me for starting too many things.. so back at it. thanks for the feedback on using Spriter, too.

    HR78 - thanks man. when I was researching reference images and stuff, I realized that I just don't like bugs at all. it doesn't even have wings yet!

  • Ah I've been eyeing Spriter for a while now and was curious how it'd do with pixel art. Your results are definitely looking A+, so I'll have to look in to that

  • bclikesyou - go for it man. for all my larger bosses and enemies from here on out I'll be using Spriter. it might take a few days to play around with but once you get it into Construct 2 properly, it works more or less like a normal sprite. for my character, all my physics were built using just a blank rectangle sprite, so porting all the animations over was super easy.

  • Really nice boss mudmask! Look forward to your project!

  • Really nice boss mudmask! Look forward to your project!

    thanks man!

  • Looks sweet! This entire project is really coming along.

  • Looking good, man. Best of luck!

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