Galaxias - a Metroidvania Project

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  • I took some time off from this project of mine, now named Galaxias, and I'm back at it again with a lot of things I've learned from working on other projects. I want to use this thread to keep track of updates, for anyone interested in how the project is going.

    While a lot of the main engine was already working , I've made some major changes which include:

    • A new, modular skin system for easier suit customization (head, body, and legs are now all separate pieces)
    • A working Metroidvania style screen transition system (custom made)
    • Brand new weapons system - some-what inspired visually by Xenoblade Chronicles X
    • Exploration things like climbing ledges
    • Working on a drone system (shown below) - obviously this won't be something available from the get-go

    Some of you all might remember from a previous thread, I wasn't interested in making a fullscale metroidvania type game. But as I worked on more and more levels, and saw myself wanting to make larger and larger levels with depth and story, I felt like this was the best way to scratch that itch. I will still use the old level select system for side missions. But this will be the main scope of the game.

    For reference, some older threads can be found here:


    older. like a year. dang homies.

    Screen / Layout Transitions

    (minimap needs to be reworked, since previously it automapped everything within 1 singular layout)

    Example of weapons system

    Drone exploration system test, with 8bit darkness goodness

    (I know, this probably breaks some 8bit rules. But nobody knows what 8bit is these days anyways)


    12/17/2015 Update - Some Combat and New Suit Design Footage

    12/22/2015 Update - simple boss behavior and event flag setting.

    some update date - new graphics, new area, updated boss behavior

    12/30/2015 Update A functioning metroidvania style map and minimap, and some new HUD features, testing out some new body armor, etc.

    Building out a bit more of the scifi atmosphere - here we see a new landing pad and some antennae

    1/13/2015 some new boss AI and graphics


    2/18/2016 working on another boss, this time utilizing Spriter for both the boss as well as the main character

    Thanks for checking this out. I'd love to post more updates here as things continue to move forward!

  • Lovely 8bit graphic.

    And the weapon system in the second gif is really well made.

    Good work this far!

  • HR78 - thank you, I hope I'll be able to get you a final product sooner than later

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  • Nice job dude! Keep up!

  • the game looks gorgeous! Cant wait to try it out. Does it have a soundtrack yet? if not pm me! the artwork is inspiring!

  • Expert work, amigo. The visual style accomplishes so much with so little — I love the darkness effect in particular. Can't wait to give it a go!

  • thanks everyone!

    hypedigi, I do have a soundtrack that I'm putting together myself... but I'd be interested in hearing some of your stuff.

    brushfe - funny you should mention that, I'm trying to figure out if I should touch up the visual style just a tad. I would love to get some feedback on whether or not you or anyone felt like this was a good direction:

    What do you think? Too much? You can technically get away with 4 colors per sprite (as opposed to 3 - but maybe up to 6) in an 8bit game, if we're trying to remain purists here...

  • It all looks so good, mudmask!

    I'm glad to see that you are continuing this project and can't wait to see what you come up with.

    The polished character looks really good, but seeing him in game would be the real test if the sprites fit or not.

  • ryanrybot ah thanks man. I guess I'll have to re-polish some of the other content too... content is king though right?

    I had some of your specific feedback in mind when planning how I was going to redo the weapon system. burnable enemies coming soon.

  • thanks everyone!

    hypedigi, I do have a soundtrack that I'm putting together myself... but I'd be interested in hearing some of your stuff.

    some of my stuff can be heard at

    Let me know if you wanted a hand with any post production as well!

  • Great to see this again, I was afraid it vapored. Looking forward to updates!

  • eliasfrost no joke, looking at some of the Razzia stuff you've come up with definitely played a part in jumping back in to this one.

  • ryanrybot

    not quite as shiny and HD as Hole In The Earth, but here it is in action:

  • hehe, thanks mudmask!

    Wow, the new character sprite looks great in motion. If you could touch up some of the other art to match the new detailing, you would have one fine looking game.

  • This better become a playable reality, sir, or life will cease to have meaning.

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