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  • Hi everyone!

    Im looking to get some feedback on what i could do to make this game better.

    So far im at a point where everything seems to be working out just fine but i feel like something could be improved.I would love to get everyones feedback.

    Right now there is no official way to die/get game over and the powerups/shop is not coded yet,Im really looking to get some ideas on enemy movements or maybe some fresh ideas in general.

    The game is a mix of Turret Defense/Shoot em up in style but im aiming to make it original.

    Its made for mobile so you will need to click the fire button with your mouse but you rotate the turret with your Arrow keys. all feedback is welcome,thanks in advance to everyone on the community for your help!

    Updated 6/21/14

  • If its made for mobiles, my main concern is the control scheme.

    Why not make it simpler, with just one-touch to target and fire. Touch on the screen and the turret rotates to that direction and fire.

    Think of a user on a tablet, its often on their lap or a desk etc, one touch control would be a lot more easier to play.

  • thank you for your feedback it means alot.

    The reason I placed the touch controls in the game like so is because I would much rather the player have more control over the turret.One reason that lead me to this decision is I want people to be competietitive and not be hendered by any way due to lack of control of the turret.The leaderboards will play a big role.if it becomes an issue later I will make some changes but for now I think it will be fine.Thank you for trying this project it really means alot to get feedback.

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  • I can see your current control scheme like that work well with a physical gamepad, but for a touch screen UI only? Seems a bit clumsy after I played it for awhile.

    If you have time, do try it with a one touch scheme and see which is better on a mobile.

  • Agree with silver.

    Why not make it choosable between current and one touch control scheme!

  • Beaverlicious

    Thank you both for trying this game out,I think i will take your feedback into consideration and add 2 control styles for the player to choose from.

    It would be best to stay flexible and add the extra control scheme in,then to get negetive feedback because of poor design choices.

    Thank you both for your feedback,Im really grateful to have awesome people to help me.

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