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  • Galactic Adventures Inc

    My latest project, currently in development and looking for investors/publishers:

    Video -


    In a faraway future, the world has become a place of rampant commercialism. The population is kept spectacled by an ever-increasing media presence, and the global corporations wealth and influence is almost limitless. Segregation has widely increased, and the distribution of wealth is more unequal than ever before. The ultra-rich live a sedated life a luxury, boredom, and complacement. In order to experience excitement, extreme measures sometimes has to be taken.

    Galactic Adventures Incorporated is a travel agency, specializing in off-world travels. There are luxury cruises, organized expeditions, and for those with enough money seeking excitement above and beyond the ordinary, the red-tape travel packages.

    As a customer at Galactic Adventures Incorporated, you have signed up for a 5 jump program, meaning you are given an Explorer Sphere, a special kind of extremely durable and maneuverable spaceship. After completion of a Training Area, you are teleported to an uncharted area of space, along with a Jump Beacon, that have been placed somewhere within a random area of the Explorer Sphere. It is needed to teleport to the next uncharted area. Finding it a total of 5 times is the only way to get home, and if you do not find it, you will die in the cold vacuum of space.

    With you in the Explorer Sphere is your personal Commercially Engineered Location Explorer Supporter, or C.E.L.E.S, an onboard artificial intelligence, programmed to help you in any way possible. Throughout the travel, it is apparent that C.E.L.E.S is quite sentient and well aware of her position and purpose. She also explains that each Location Explorer Supporter is uniquely generated, with their own personality and individuality. She is bound to the fate of you and the Explorer Sphere, and will die with you, should you fail.

    Galactic Adventures Incorporated sincerely hopes that you make it back alive.

    Core game mechanic

    The main gameplay mechanic is your ship, the Explorer Sphere. The ship is able to absorb celestial energy found in nebulas, clouds, asteroids and other energies found in space. In order to make the exploration more interesting, and to present a certain amount of challenge, not all of an area can be immediately explored. Certain part, for example a nebula, cannot be entered due to the environment being to volatile. However, other nebulas will charge up the hull with an extra layer of protection, allowing the player to enter the volatile nebula.

    Each area has several possible ways to reach the Jump Beacon, as well as a number of secret areas and achievements to find.


    I currently have a demo of the first area completed, and working on the rest. Official site although there's not much there yet. Might start a devlog if there's interest for such a thing.

    My official site, containing my other works -

    Let me know what you think, it's interesting to hear people's opinions and impressions!

  • No impressions at all?

  • The images and the trailer did not impress me much, because I can not understand the gameplay for just that.

    At the end of all you need to have something fun enough with this graphic and mechanics wedding.

    I believe the project needs more maturity, the graphic is always an invitation or not for the viewer to know more about the game, but the gameplay is also another point to focus and I don't seen much challenge or progress on yours, by the video.

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  • Ah, fair point, thanks! I have updated the post with some more information about the game.

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