Frontier of the Stricken

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  • I'm the creator of Winder Tower and Temple of Ruin . I've been working on something that ultimately will look and feel like an evolution of concepts that ground my previous games. In addition, this will have a hand-built map instead of rogue-like.

    "Frontier of the Stricken" is the tentative title of my work-in-progress game. You can play with it in the Scirra Arcade:

    Current features include:

    Animated 8-directions for walking and attacking of player and some foes

    Foes that see you will chase you (a little buggy atm)

    Random start location

    When you die, you respawn at last spawn point, and you need to find your grave to recover your gems (yeah, like a Souls game)

    Random types of foes will respawn

    Attacks and spells consume stamina, which comes back if you cool your jets for a bit you hyper puppy

    Two negative statuses can afflict the player

    Open treasures, and carry keys to their proper doors to open them

    Treasures and foe dirt-naps produce random loot

    Vendor menu (it's armm1998's orange book for now) with some graphic indicators/feedback -- plus using the vendor doesn't pause the game, so keep an eye on your six you shop-a-holic

    I haven't put any noise in it yet

    Future possibilities:

    Ability to pause and save

    Player behavior affects world state and endings

    More types of spells, foes, doors, statuses, items, and interactive objects

    Map navigation aid(s)

    Touch screen joystick and buttons

    General improvements (foe AI, combat hits, better art, any sound)

    Name-drops: From Software, System Shock 2, Dishonored, Pathologic

    UPDATE 8/17

    New build live in the Arcade! Things have changed:

    • Magic changes: now 3 spells: harm spell is now spread-shot-only, teleport many improvements, added shockwave (it's like Emit Force in Dark Souls 2)
    • Level rebuilt with smaller tiles
    • 2 endings
    • New "enemy"
    • Some graphic tweaks and number balance changes
  • I like it! It was fun to be chased around by the little red guys. It's kind of weird that you have to stand still next to them for at least a second before they can actually hurt you though. Makes them a bit too easy to avoid??

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  • Hi Mike, glad you liked it. Tweaking AI and hitboxes is on my list, thanks.

  • I like what you're doing here!

    Hope you'll be investing some more love in the side aswell. Orientation is really hard and a bit of scenery would introduce some exploratory quality to the maze liek structure, eventhough I fully understand why you would try to cut the graphics part short.

  • Hi facecrime,

    Improving graphics overall is on my list. I may put in some UI navigation aids (like the compasses in Temple of Ruin). I'm also thinking of putting in some one-of-a-kind decorative graphic bits (like busted statues) to serve as lo-tech visual waypoints.

    I'm glad you're having a good time with it!

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