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  • I've been working on this pretty simple game in my spare time the last short while, and learning Construct 2 in the process. Really excited about how easy C2 has been to pick up, making this has been alot of fun so far. The gameplay is really basic, randomly spawning waves of enemies fly towards you as you try to jetpack your penguin character as far as possible.

    Currently I have some various combinations of enemies that fly at you in different "waves", then randomly choose a newer, harder wave as you progress further. Just made the basic temporary menu today.


    And here's two basic gameplay screenshots



    Starting work soon on some basic power ups you get for every 100 coins collected in game, and making the game a little more balanced in terms of often intervals last between spawned enemies, and making things generally better designed. I'll try to get a demo out pretty soon as well for some feedback. Thanks!

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