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  • hey was playing around this days with Q3d had a few bumps till i understood some of the functionalities of it... and i managed to do the next demo.. im planing on doing a full multiplayer death match FPS out of it... when its completed ... will be available for download with a manual in Scirra Store Hope you like it... any feedback is appreciated

    the capx will require q3d plugin version 2.4 or later, TiAm's MouseLock ... and r213 C2 version

    At the moment just a nodewebkit demo .... there still plenty of work to be done to have a polished Kit.

    right now... it has only the basics ...

    When game is loaded will require for you to center the mouse in the aim sight as close as possible to the center for now in order to have a good forward/backward motion... till i fix it.. and il find a better way to raycast the movement direction...

    In Game Commands :

    Ctrl - Crouch

    Space - Jump

    WASD - movement

    F - Toggle flashlight

    Mouse1 - Fire some blank bullets

    Mouse2 - Zoom Mode

    R - Reload

    Q+Enter/Q+Return - Restarts game

    Shift - Silent Walk

    The game movement is based on FPS Control Demo

    you can download the capx files and buy the q3d by going on this page Q3dTopic

    You can download Tiam MouseLock Here

    FPS KIT DOWNLOAD will be available soon..


    there is some problems with the exported executables... seems they dont want to run on my computer and i doubt that will run on others


    seems the Audio Plugin has some issues... on R213 il try downgrade to a older version and see if its going to be fixed.


    downgraded to r212.2 audio is not a problem anymore.. however in the desktop version the FPS hands model with gun doesnt want to load... im working on it... Seems i wont be able to make it work tonight ... so here is an ingame screenshot ... til im able to upload a stable working version of it.. its weird cause in preview everything works perfect.. when im exporting nothing works anymore... im stuffed with this kinda problems..

    here is a html5 demo... just the hands and weapons seems to get stuck.. seems its a bandwidth problem on my side..

    DEMO im working on a 3d platformer Mario style also.. hopping to finish this particular FPS kit soon, and have it available in scirra store up and running with a menu and an online multiplayer system and 2 or 3 maps to be selected or voted to change ... the only issue wold be what wold be the minimum requirements to be able to run it.. since im creating this on a low spec computer... im thinking there wold be a duo core needed and atleast 1 gb ram.. but not sure yet... will see

    ok i see where the problem is... i think because i added the weapon as a child in the animation of the hands... creates all the problem.. il try change it for later.. since it was already in the future plan to be able to pickup weapons from ground ... now makes sense why all those issues i had lately.. ok demo is working.. if u have a low internet just wait... till it loads.. it may take a bit ... hands file is about 25 mb cause of the weapon is inside the same json file instead being a dependent model..

    the hands come with 5 animations drawweapon.. withdrawweapon .. inspect weapon, reload , reloadnoclip, shoot , shootnoclip, idle, melee_pad_hit but i use only 2 of them for now.. seeing the problem that the gun creates... il need to reanimate everything again... or atleast some parts enjoy share... comment/feedback etc keep it healthy

    Edit 4 forgot to mention the current events... 48 wold be less just i added 10 more for some simple minor aspect stuff that il change it later with some behaviors

  • I've never used the q3d plugin before, but this looks like quite the undertaking. This definitely has potential and will be interesting to see how this comes together. Keep it up!

  • I've never used the q3d plugin before, but this looks like quite the undertaking. This definitely has potential and will be interesting to see how this comes together. Keep it up!

    ryanrybot thanks for you reply... and interest il try keeping this topic updated! and yes Q3D is a cool thing, hopefully will be a more cool thing if the documentation will be posted sooner xD

  • sweet! so maybe you mentioned this in a previous post, but what tools would you recommend for 3D modeling and level designing?

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  • wow..! I never thought construct 2 could do any 3D game..

  • mudmask 3d modeling and level designing for C2? blender is your best choice for 3d modeling... you wont need a insane computer to use it, you can animate things very fast, and export any models for you C2 3d game. as for level designing C2 top view thats how i do it, first visualize the concept of the map lets say in ur mind, then load the json files... or the models exported from the blender, then edit your level in a TOP down view using C2 normal editor, by default when u lead your game, if your using q3d physics the world gravity is on Y axes which is the wrong depth for c2, so you only need to tweak that on the start of layout events, the movement axes will be the same as before, just youl only need to raycast so it recognizes the Z distance, you can develop a Mario 3d World like game very fast, if you dont overreact with webgl effects, and you use only 3d models/3d sprites.

    Note that : using normal sprites will only increase the user minimum spec requirements. since the gpu card and game engine will have to double render the objects in 2d and 3d in the same time, since both are meant for different usages, but you can use a 3d sprite, and make it act as a 2d sprite.

    im currently working on 3 projects, a personal one, this fps kit thing, and a platformer 3d world, and im telling u the 3d games, are working faster, and are easier to make then i was expected, sometimes easier to solve problems then in the 2d ones. For now they are pc games meant, but im running and building them on a garage "pc" very low spec.. if works on mine, will run like an 24bit game software on this days computers, and im pretty sure i could compile them and optimize the engine of the game to make it work for online hosting sounds crazy but is real. i mean you cant expect the same performance boosting like a game made in unity... cause c2 isn't meant for 3d games, its meant for 2d, and for that i think is why the 3d games made in it, kinda are slowing down some times, the 2d is overlapping in some parts, and forces the boxweb physics that is implemented... but thats another story so i guess... that answers it? for 20/30 cad to have full access on 3d games made easy is worth to buy the plugin.

    dheart88 they where possible before also, just they where more of fake 3d (2.5) .. now they are full 3d .. unity /blender like awesome right?

  • Very cool ! I was looking for that 3D in C2 thanks to Q3D plugin ! Thank you for your sharing.

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