Fortress Pioneer from GDCchina 2015

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  • Game Developers Conference. China Game Developers Conference China at the Shanghai International Convention Center, Ai's empty future icon + Innovation Lab with a "fortress pioneer" debut at GDC Independent Games Hall of indieace of.

    Independent game room exhibited this IGF Independent Games Festival finalists, an independent game fans from the Philippines, China Taiwan, Japan and Korea

    "Fortress Pioneer" is a 2D voxel style action shooter game, the story takes place in 2066 after the Earth, mankind is experiencing a huge technological pollution catastrophe.

    icon + "fortress pioneer" game prototype by GameJam indieace organized 48 hours of game development finalist in the "friends", the game uses Construct2 engine development,recognized by everyone in the game after the prototype, we redesigned the game, and in this work Square offers gamePlay part of the demo, players collect field observations and feedback, in order to ensure the quality of the game to bring players to experience the game on the line after.

    In indieace independent gaming hall in "fortress pioneer" demo units, demo players are and difficult challenges BOSS.

    The foreign friends by our content to attract a mining, where nearly half an hour to dig.

    Queen salt ongoing Douyu live, skilful operation has exceeded a lot of boys, her weibo: http: //

    "Fortress pioneer" Unlike pixel game, but the original 2D voxel a new style. Players can clearly see each pixel volume and texture.

    "Fortress pioneer" Players weapons collections library, your weapon collections are shown here, can be put directly experience!

    Rich BOSS battle is a major feature of Pioneer's fortress, we strive every battle has its own characteristics.

    It is time to test the player's skill to hide the bullet!

    Finally, indieace all exhibitors all game developers together photo. Thanks GDC, thanks indieace, thanks ????

    "Fortress pioneer" the official website:

    "Fortress pioneer" MoDian are now participating in the network and Sony jointly held the second session of PS developer contest, click on the picture below, to support us, "fortress pioneer" is likely to log on Playstation

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