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Sheep rush is an addictive hypercasual game where you put sheeps into their correct barn and earn wool.
  • Forest Rush is an exciting and fast paced arcade-style game that will test the limits of your tapping skills and your ability to concentrate. Although it is a game that will often make you scream at your phone and create dents in your wall, it always finds a way to keep you playing for the best possible score. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> Please give us some feedback on this Beta Version! Ratings and comments are always welcome <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">




    The game has four difficulty modes, (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane) each one presenting a varying level of challenge, and reward. If you are new to the game or arcade games in general, it is strongly recommended that you play on Easy until you have a better sense of the game and your reaction time. The score that you accumulate while staying alive increases at a faster rate on harder difficulties.

    During each run that you attempt you will notice several obstacles and collectables. Here is a nice short list of what they all do. If you want to understand how certain collectables affect your overall score, you can refer to the in depth explanation that will follow.


    Tree Groups: If you touch these, you will explode, and the game will be over.

    Sides of the Screen: These will kill you as well

    Bridges & Tunnels: These are only cross-able in the middle section. (Don't fall in the water on a bridge and don't hit the wall of a tunnel.

    Tooth Brushes: These will increase the time that you have to keep a multiplier.

    Wooden Furniture: These will increase your multiplier

    Glowing Wooden Furniture: These will increase your multiplier more than the regular pieces of furniture.

    Energy Drinks: These will cause you to speed up to a level beyond the insane difficulty, and will give you a significantly better addition to your multiplier.

    Iron Girders: These will take away from your multiplier.

    Score Calculation:

    Your score is calculated in the following manner. Depending on the difficulty that you choose, your score is compiled after each increment of time has passed. For example, it takes 1.7 seconds for your score to increase on easy mode. This means that after 1.7 seconds have passed, 1 point is added to your score. When you collect objects that change your multiplier it affects the points that are added at each increment. If you have a multiplier of 5, then 5 points will be added to your score every 1.7 seconds instead of just a single point. What you should take away from this, is that getting a higher multiplier will greatly help you achieve higher scores. Watch out though, your multiplier has a time limit, and if the bar on the bottom left goes to empty, your multiplier resets! You can help keep it up by collecting more wooden objects, or by getting tooth brushes.

    Every time you complete a run the points that you've earned are added to a total score. This total score can be thought of as similar to gaining experience. The total score you accumulate gets you closer to leveling up. When you level up, you will gain an upgrade point. The max level you can achieve in the game is 65; anything beyond that is just for extra bragging points.

    You can view your high scores, all time statistics, and choose your upgrades by using the drop down menu, which can be called by using the appropriate menu buttons.


    Your game will automatically save every time a run is completed or when you edit certain things in the main menu. If you're worried about losing data, I would recommend going to the main menu before exiting the application. After that you should be all clear to force quit if necessary.


    We sincerely hope that you enjoy Forest Rush, and find it as fun and addicting as we do. This is our first real production! We aim to provide the best customer service to you, our valued consumers. If you have any comments, questions, or complaints, you can feel free to email us or contact us to let us know if you don't feel comfortable writing a review. We want to make sure that each one of you feels heard, so you can be sure that we'll be checking for your feedback. We encourage you to check out our website as well and become part of the Beaver community!

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  • I've killed soo many beavers playing this. I think you've succeeded in giving it that hard arcade feel. I just have a few random ideas.

    It would be cool if you could give the beaver some acceleration. So instead of hitting the ground running full speed, he would start standing and accelerate up to speed. The same could be done for the speed power up so the speed change wouldn't be instant. This could also be used to make a progressive game mode where over time the beaver runs faster and faster.

    I'm no animator but I wonder if it could look cool to have a turning animation. Also it might look cool to have some effects such as skid marks in the grass or puffs of dust when turning. It could also look cool to give a dust trail like Looney toon's roadrunner when you get the soda powerup.

    Lastly gibs. It would look pretty cool and make dying a reward in and of itself if beaver bits got blown all over upon exploding. That and a little screen shake would make the expositions pack more of a punch.

    Anyway just some random Ideas. As it is now it looks pretty good. I especially like the menu.

  • R0J0hound

    Thanks for that feedback and suggestions man, we already had some of these in mind and will try to put them in the future updates.

    Next big step we have on our list will be some kind of global highscore cause of the arcade feeling we want to offer. After that we will go for an acceleration mode as many people already mentioned that and it seems to be a really cool thing.

    The rest is..polish, polish, polish (and start to work on other projects of course )

    Can I ask you whether you played the web or the android version, how your performance was and what score you got?

    Keep it beaverlicious, mate!


    I completely forgot to give you the credits you deserve for helping us out with the terrain generation man. We had to change some stuff, cause of mobile performance, but you definitely give us the clue we needed – so here it comes THANK YOU AGAIN!

  • My highscore is 56. That was mainly after getting a soda powerup. It could be useful to include the run time with the score. I usually only last 10-15 seconds. I used the gamejolt version and the performance was decent. My machine is a bit older and my graphics drivers won't update so html5 stuff doesn't run great for many games, but yours ran ok.

  • Pretty awesome! The graphics are really great and cute and make the explosion of the beaver very satisfying.

    The game starts off a little fast though. Maybe let the beaver take a few seconds to accelerate on level start? I tried to play before reading the instructions and I was very confused why I kept dieing so rapidly.

  • R0J0hound skelooth

    I´m glad the performance was good and that you somehow enjoyed playing it I guess.

    We nearly got the same feedback from all our downloaders and we will soon work on these issues.

    We are pretty happy with the score system, even some people complain about. It´s just a matter of training and you´ll be able to get real high scores cause of the increasing multiplier

  • Been playing the android version this morning

    Really enjoyable timewaster

    Clicked a few ads while I was at it

  • Thanks for checking it out! That really means much to us!

    If it wasted some of your time, it has already done it´s job

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