Flappy Cow (my first game in Construct 2)

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  • Just a Flappy Birds clone; I added a proper END-screen, coins for double points, lives for extended game play and changing the difficulty on the run. There's also some particles added - mostly so that I could see how the game performs on my iOS-devices. After some performance optimization and tweaking, the performance is really good on even the iPhone 5 now.

    Trivial things such as a simple highscore keeper at the END-screen is also added. Oh yeah, and the cow is farting - it's a different explosion than the one occuring when you hit a bar, with more than 1 life.

  • it is funny and nice.... flarting cow should be the name xD

  • Thanks a lot ^_^ ...

    I'm also considering doing more for a little more diverse gameplay. I'm well aware that the original incarnations of this type of game (click jumpers - a helicopter game was the first, I think) won hearts because of the very simple pick-up-and-play style, but I don't think people would mind a little more complications.

    At least I can change the background graphics and the bars upon reaching a certain amount of points, and I can make small powerups by accumulating the score (fx. if you score 20 in one game and 10 in another, the accumulated score would be 30) - and thus unlock different cows; or maybe powerups (invincibility to obstacles, "follow the cursor/finger" etc....

    I'm on my third game with Construct 2 - this was the first, and a skeleton for a chain event type game was the second (it's here on the forum, including the .capx for everyone to use) - the third game is cookie clicker clone, and it already works with clicks and auto clickers, animated background (particles) etc...

    So lots of stuff on my to-do list; being a graphics designer, I sooooo enjoy that the programming part is SO EASY and FAST now; back when I did ActionScript (Flash), Java and even HTML 5 through the Phaser framework, every behavior took AGES to program. Now it's a few mouse clicks and voilá...

    Especially the chain event type game; I remember fiddling with the programming for weeks; I had to compare 2 arrays which kept changing size and thus had to be rearranged on the run, with each other, on every frame. That thing, in and on itself for a non-expert like me, was a hard thing to do - especially to do RIGHT, with all collisions behaving nicely and everything running smooth; in Construct 2, it took me less than 1 hour. I was kinda freaked when it worked and I even kinda forced my girlfriend to see how easy it was with Construct 2, then went on to show her the source code for the ActionScript game I made back then, to compare the complexity... ^_^

  • Cool game, it's funny and looks cool.

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  • the game has lot that conviction... a game is for ENTERTAINMENT... and a good game mode is better than 10000 trillion dollars for a short history line of game... and when u finish that game.. u just want play the a happy and easy game xD

  • jakobdam Coulda used your help when I was makin my flappy clone XD

  • Thanks all! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" />

    I consider the game done for version 1, revision 1, which is the first milestone for me. r2 will feature multiple highscores, stuff such as "buy powerups for the points you earn in the games you play", other skins for your cow (Jersey cow is a top priority) etc....

    The latest version for now, is here:


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