Five Suns - A Dungeon Crawler [Demo!]

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  • Update: Crap's playable, yo! ... sp=sharing

    I wouldn't say it's fun yet, but we're getting somewhere.

    Been working for the past four weeks or so on a 2d dungeon crawler named Five Suns as part of my senior project.

    When I get a working build up (currently a lot of things are disabled so we can present visuals for an upcoming milestone) I'll host it somewhere, and I'd love some feedback!

    Currently it looks like this:

    Eheh... ignore the "ok bro" in the corner. That was for some quick bug testing...MadameBerry2014-02-17 07:29:12

  • Love it, looks very aesthetically appealing.

  • This looks amazing! Weirdly enough, for the longest time I've been dwelling on the idea of an Aztec-themed RPG and wondering how it would work... <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Minor environment tweaks and a UI overhaul later:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Oh god now I have to setdress the rest of the level like this, and code the new UI (it's currently all placeholder).

  • It blows my mind that this was made in Construct 2. Tell us more, please.

  • Looks good. Where can i play it?

  • The UI is amazing, fits the theme well.

    The art style is consistent and of high quality.

    You got me all interested in this project of yours... :D

  • Oh my god we finally have something playable.

    In the class I'm developing this for, our milestone is labeled Beta, but really I'd call this an Alpha. Some things just aren't quite there yet and I want to go back and redo a lot of the design over the next month or so.

    I am tired! Spent most of last night and this morning getting the intro and the tutorial in.

    A few things to note: This build is Windows only (we all have windows pc's so i just tend to delete the mac and linux folders because they take up too much space, as many versions of this project I export).

    Also, the combat is extremely slow and not really fun. The numbers need to be tweaked hardcore.

    But, you can sort of get an idea as to where this is going!

    Download here: ... sp=sharing

  • Looking great I like the spells!

  • So I think since the forum's been shuffled around, this should go in "WiP creations"

    it's far from complete...

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