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  • Hello,

    For a game creation class we have at our school we are required to make a game on one of many programs I chose to use construct 2 I have been making a very simple fighting game. I am having trouble with getting my life bar to work originally I had it in the main body of the event sheet but that wasn't working so I put it in the system as every tick if Health = 0 destroy a heart. It was working fine this way until I added a new enemy into the game if someone could take a look at it for me and tell me what I'm doing wrong that would be great.



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  • You have a lot of cleaning up to do on your event sheets. Thus is just a look through cause I can't power mines up right now. No PC access.

    But 1. Why you wasting an action to subtract zero from the health every tick?? If nothing triggers to subtract from health it stays at its current value.

    2. You can make a trigger once event for the hearts level when it hits zero.

    3. What is the purpose of the health 3 variables??

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