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  • Hi, my wife and I have completed our first game ever made. We had used construct 2 a bit late last year, but had to quit due to work. We had started back with construct 2 just last week. This game is still very unfinished, but I like to get some feed back on what can enhance the game better. It is a space shooter game, that uses controls w,a,s,d and left mouse button to fire. The music was done by jason shaw, from

    Here is a link to the game, it is made for all OS and bit versions. I did not know how to post this properly or if a cpax file would be best to post, please provide any feed back that could help in the future. ... index.html

  • It's better you export your game to html5 and then put it in a public dropbox folder and just

    share the link or you host your game here:

    This is a free service, specially for game developers to show there games.

    That somebody will download your game and try it is more unlikely than being

    able to play it in a browser for a quick test run.

  • Thank you for letting me know, I have it saved as a HTML five, but I can't find where out in dropbox where allows me to enable a public folder? Do I need to have a paid sub. to have a feature like that?

  • No, doesn't need paid. I think you can right click a folder, than has an option to make it public. If your exported game is in your public folder, right click on the index.html file and copy the link to it. This link you need to share here.

  • ... index.html

    Here is the link. So for dropbox, I had to order the services to be able to make a public folder, it took awhile to get the public folder to work properly with my link, didn't realize there was a copy link to the entire folder instead of a share link to the html file.

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  • Although i die very fast i like the game! The spaceship design is really good! Keep going.

  • YAY! Glad you liked it. I am Metalkat88's wife, he does the coding I do the art. I'm happy to hear you liked the Spaceship design! Do you see anything about it that might need to be changed, art and/or game play wise? And don't feel bad, I die fast on it too LOL.

  • I think it would be good if you could choose between difficult levels, like beginner, normal and expert, where the amount and speed of the attacking ships is different. The design i like, it's simple and clean. Maybe you can add some cosmic nebula or galaxy image in the background or animate the moon (let him turn slowly) and add some asteroids floating around that the player can destroy and in the asteroids could be some crystals, that you must select to finish the level or that gives some kind of special power...

  • I've actually been considering more work on the back ground. I like the other ideas, kind of interesting. I'll have to show metalkat88 your ideas.

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