First Game: Drone [Flying/Action]

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  • This is my first game I'm showing off, I'm calling it "Drone" until I come up with a more catchy title.

    It's a Flying Action game, heavily inspired by Vlambeer's Luftrausers. The objective of the game is to capture all the towers on the level. For now there are 3 levels, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to make more levels or focus on a score attack mode. The third level in this early version should be quite hard and I wouldn't waste too much time trying to beat it.

    Future plans:

    Difficulty overhaul: Right now, levels can be reasonably hard to beat but losing doesn't happen very often.

    Changing the way picking up weapons work: I think picking up missiles is a bit awkward right now so I'm changing that.

    Graphics I'm using pretty all placeholder graphics right, same for sounds.

    More Enemies/Weapons/Planes


    How do you like the controls? I kinda like this simple control scheme but I'm also considering something like an alt-fire or weapon switching mechanic.

    Buildings Right now, enemies can shoot and move past buildings but you can't. This is to encourage you to destroy them. In another version I had soldiers who would actually hide inside the buildings, but that was very confusing. Do you like the mechanic or is it just annoying?


  • Link is not working -

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  • I've reuploaded it:

    It's really not very good though. Why do you want to play it?

  • Well i where just looking at your post since it did get that many replys, so i wanted to see the game and graphics regardless and well i am kinda a nerd when i comes to broken links etc. Things need to work when they are posted

  • Hey, great idea!

    i would also like if the drones destroy the solders when they explode over them

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