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  • Hello Im working on my first game with construct here is a screenshot


    and here is the link to the game:I want it to be a nice hack and slash game with some items to fetch and powerups to buy for coins.

    Let me know what you think of it

  • Somehow the link to the game got cut off ... I need more reputation

  • Nice Start!

    Wanted to shoot faster but the game wont allow me.

    Maybe a tweek so the player character decelerates instantly.

    I was trying to position myself and shoot, but went sliding on and missing my shot.

    Also i like the dark and half dark to full vision.

  • Thanks for feedback!!! The firerate is fixed on purpose it would be too easy

    I will make character stop instantly the sliding isnt nice :/

  • The fixed firerate definitly got me on edge, so thats working as planned

    I was out of the room pretty fast, so i got more space to kill them.

  • I have lets name it a problem: when I use moveatangle (calculated angle to player.x and player.y) and player moves monsters go crazy and run in circles why is that ?

  • I made some tweaks and updates,


    check it out at

  • bono

    U probably linked the angle they are moving towards, with the movement off the players x&y.

    While that may look like the way to go, it serves the problem that when the player is moving on x or y the angle of the monsters is also set.

    Its like holding a ball on top of your arm, when u try to move the arm underneath the ball, the ball starts to rotate.

    The rotation (angle) off the ball is linked to the x off the arm.

    Try using the (angle) expression instead.


    Move at angle



  • LOl I got stupidly mobbed. Very cute like the way the screen shakes. Buttttt when you do something stupid like ummmm... pull all the mobs, they are on you like a pack of wolves. Then every time you die, it gets a bit hard as they come at you after you spawned.

    Also, this is maybe just me but is it possible to make move also arrow keys. It feels a bit weird hitting space while trying to use WASD. The two handed action on space and arrows feels better than WASD and space, my big palms get in way of spacebar.

  • Changes:

    Portal to healer/shopkeeper


    I've added a shopkeeper/healer. First two powerups are clickable (If you have enough gold)


    Save some gold for piercing bullets and in no time you will rule the dungeon

  • Seems like a good start.

    It was funny how the shopkeeper is controlled by arrow keys, so just disable that.

    I like the way the fog of war spawns back and that the enemies seem to follow you via the fog of war you removed.

    Further, it is a tad difficult to play, it seems the spawn statues just have too much health. Dont' really have the patience to whittle them down for half an hour.

    Gold seems plentiful enough, so maybe exploding bullets will solve that problem.

    I recommend some sort of icon that shows a currently active upgrade, so the player knows he has them. After dying a few times I couldn't remember if I went to the shop yet, and knowing whether I have crap, or slightly-less-crap bullets would help:)

  • Po10c thanks for feedback . Its a clone of player object thats why

    Icons for powerups are cool idea I will try to add this

    Im glad you like the fog of war effect I put some work into it

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  • Its maybe not obvious at this point but you can buy upgrades multiple times, for example you can have 10xfaster bullets it really helps

  • Awesome work!!!!!! You seemed to conquer some areas in movement that Im still struggling with. Great work and I can't wait to see more. There are some days I personally feel like putting down the keyboard and stepping away from the screen. Watching your progress encourages me to keep moving

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