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  • Okay, I am LOVING Construct 2 so far and I've only had it for a couple days. Mostly I've been playing around replacing graphics in the demo projects with pictures of my friend's faces and emailing them games. But today I was playing around with physics in an empty project and created a semi-fun, mostly frustrating little game. Arrow keys to move, your objective is to get to the green dot.

    The graphics are mostly placeholders and my player sprite is outright stolen from a Google Image search, so I obviously need to replace all that, but the function of the game works. I was hoping to get some feedback on it and see if there are some ways to fix some of the bugs and if it's worth expanding upon.

    Current game state the player often falls off the projectiles and can get accidentally pushed thru the walls. I also want to put a little more research time into it to see if I can add an online scoreboard (altho most online scoreboards I see like that get hacked and filled with ridiculous times).

    I had a rough time trying to figure out if my timer worked properly so I coded in a cheat, holding J modifies the jump sustain to 1000.

    Anyways, give me your thoughts and suggestions.

    *edit: apparently I can't post URLS so I attached the capx file

    *edit 2: apparently I can't attach a file either, get some error when I try

  • Okay, I'm back after a bit of "forum grinding" so I can at least post a link to the .capx file: ... ation.capx

    *edit .... okay I understand the reason for the measures, but it truncated the link and it obviously won't work ..... am I gonna get banned for doing this? I hope not, but if you REALLY want to see the project file paste it together:


  • Pretty good project man keep it up and cant wait to see more from you ^^

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  • thanks for linking it for me bilgekaan

  • Okay, so I was messing around with this game a bit more and came up with some interesting results, still looking for some suggestions on it. Instead of having all the boulders as solid objects I tried them as Jump-Thru objects; however, they didn't bounce off each other properly, so I added an event to make them bounce off of each other, which works *okay*, it's not perfect.

    Also just for fun I decided to add a physics behavior to the player with hilarious results.

    One other quirk, I added an actual texture to the boulders and noticed that they were rotating strangely. I changed it to NOT rotate them, but it still does. Anyone know why? Anyways, try it out, give me suggestions and ideas .... please!

    Same link as above, I just replaced the file in my dropbox, so redownload it to try out my "updates" ... Thanks again to bilgekaan for creating the link ... I promise I'll get to those 500 rep points soon so I can post my own links, lol.

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