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  • Hi There,

    I'm one of the new sacrificial lambs here. About 4 days ago, I started toying around with Construct 2. After a couple of hours of that, I realised that this was it and that I'm going to use Construct 2 to create my game. On day 3 I hit a nasty wall that required me to use more than 4 layers. Knowing that I just had to use Construct 2 to make the game, I went of to the store to get my personal license for $75 (yea, I know, I know. I realised it too when my payment notification came through. It was actually 75 pounds :,( bread and water for the next month).

    Anyway, I got the license, imported it and started cracking away. I'm now at the point were I feel that I can put a screenshot of what I have so far to see what kind of feedback I can get. In this screenshot, I have 2 units that ran out of stuff to do. I didn't add any contingency plan for that scenario yet, but these went on and found a way to keep themselves busy anyway. A display of true "AI". They started dancing in circles around one of the capital ships (I didn't do that)


    Let me know what you think.

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  • Welcome to C2. I don't think you'll regret getting the licence. Looks like you've discovered 'emergent' AI Good effort posting a screenshot after just a few days.

  • It looks like your off to a good start and welcome to the forum

  • Looks pretty cool, great spritework! What kind of game is it? I'm assuming some kind of 4X thing.

  • Looks pretty cool, great spritework! What kind of game is it? I'm assuming some kind of 4X thing.

    4X? Goodness no. Maybe after this project I'll take up that one. But this one is a fight for survival, and I'm trying to see how hard I can push Construct 2 on mobile devices, so I'm going to throw everything I can at it. Game length will be approximately 2.5 - 5 hours... maybe longer, depending on if I want to let the player have a break. The balancing is going to be the nasty part though.

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