[FINISHED!] Cyber Kitten - shmup about a milkaholic kitten

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  • I am proud to present THIS.

    What is this you ask, well, it's the alpha version of our game called "Cyber Kitten". We really liked the visual style of Downwell (black/red/white ftw) and the gameplay of Super Crate Box, so we told ourselves "We are game developers (supposedly), why should we wait for a game like this if we can make our own version".. so we did.

    The story revolves around a milkaholic kitten whose milk bottles were stolen by weird space creatures.. which is the reason behind the kitten rushing to the space and slaying hordes of these bastards!

    Avoid/kill enemies, collect enough bottles to get to the next stage and unlock new weapon!

    What I've done so far:

    • 5 stages
    • 5 different modes
    • 13 different weapons
    • 5 enemies in two versions (normal/angry)
    • 3 different power-ups to collect

    Below you can play the demo on itch.io!

    >Cyber Kitten on itch.io<

  • Very nice! Good work!

  • Nice! Its like a mix of Super Box Crate and Downwell .

  • Game looks amazing. I hope to be able to create games like this one day in the future.

  • Hey almighty creators gang! Yeah I know it's been a while..

    Fist of all, thank you Cryptwalker & I appreciate it soo much!

    CK v1.2 is out, there were some small updates in meanwhile but I didn't feel like bothering you with every small thing.

    Currently there are 3 stages, each one has different weapons to unlock, there are 10 weapons in total so far. Also did some either more or less noticable visual/game feel changes. If you decide to play it let me know what's up and help me make it better, thanks!

    >play here<

    some .gifs below

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  • Love it! Keep up the work man, looks better and better with every update I've seen

  • Hey gang, first and foremost, Merry Christmas!

    Since the scope was getting too big we reworked the game a bit and simplified/removed what seemed to be too complex/useless. The updated version will come on itch.io shortly and you can find more info in the first post of the topic.

    (sorry for laggy .gif though :/)

    Till next time

  • Very nice Merry Christmas to everyone

  • Thank you Lordshiva1948

    How's it going everyone?

    The update is out on itch so you can go and grab it, it's free while still in development and I am looking for your precious feedback <3

    >Cyber Kitten on itch.io<

    v1.3 changelog

    • Reworked the gameplay from scratch
    • 4 stages
    • 11 weapons
    • Added more impact to the strong weapons
    • 5 enemies in two versions (normal/angry)
    • 3 different power-ups to collect
  • Hey peeps, how's it going?

    I'm currently working on some details like the character glitching out and some other effects here and there..


    -Added 2 new weapons.

    -Bought some 8-bit sounds for the game and replaced all the placeholders.

    -Added stage 5.

    The official finished version will be ready soon <3

  • Hey folks!

    Krazy Kitten is finally out & finished, and it's actually Cyber Kitten now since it seemed more fitting when the development was coming to an end.

    There are 5 different modes, 13 weapons and 6 different stages to play with, I hope some of you will play it and have a good time, I am still open for feedback.

    An update fixing some minor bugs and adding gamepad support will also come soon.

    The game is free so you can grab it now on itch (or donate me some money so I can get more coffee, but it's absolutely optional! )

    >Cyber Kitten on itch.io<

    Till next time

  • It's a good game ! Thanks for the work done.

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