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  • Hello Construct2 community!

    This is my first game made in construct2 for mobile devices. This is very simple action clicker. However the gameplay itself is difficult - for most of my friends that tested.

    Keep The Treasure!

    You need to fight with enemies that are trying to get to the treasure. Rules are simple - you need to choose proper side to slash a sword or fire a flintlock to kill enemy shooters.

    I am no artist so I am aware that art for the game is pretty poor - its all I can do for the moment. I am trying to get better at art.

    Any feedback good or bad will be appreciated.

    Also if you have optimization problem with the game let me know. I am still learning about optimization in construct2 and I am aware that on some device game will be clunky or even unplayable (in few cases).

    In future updates after fixing the optimization I want to add global leaderboard, different enemies, weapons and skills

    Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... ndtreasure

  • I managed to optimize the game. I added google play game services with achievements and online leaderboard. Thank you for your feedback

  • Hey,

    For your first game it is verry good. Of course you could add some little features (shop,...). The graphics are also ok. But i dont think you can make money with the add in the main menu. But there is also a little bug. The guy on the left can still kill enemys when he is dead. That is not a big problem because the game is over. But maybe you can stop everything when the dies.

    Have luck with your game


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  • Wow! Thank for your feedback Cryttexx ! I really aprreciate it.

    Well I am struggling with the ads from the very beginning. Appodeal is very unstable for me. Some of the users has the ad at score table, some only on menu and I dont have any add (but maybe thats better) I will try to configure it better.

    The bug with the left player you are talking about is new to me I will look into it. I hope you played latest version of it (last update was 2 days ago) maybe I fixed this already. But I will definitely test it out.

    Regarding features - I am working at new enemies look and type, skills for the characters and new sceneries and shop with weapons / outfits.

    Thank you again, thats a great motivation for me to improve my game.

  • Hey,

    No problem. I think its important for indie devs to help each other. Because we can learn so much from us. If you want i follow your game and i give you more tipps. If you want i look for more details just say it. I think your game is something for completed creations forum. Maybe you can get there more feedback.



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