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  • Hi all,

    my first post on this forum and hopefully not the last.

    I'm currently busy with making 2 games with Construct. 1 of the games is almost finished, but I'm waiting on my graphics designer before I release this on the forum

    The other game I'm working on, and this is where I need your feedback, is a mix of Kingdom of Loathing (http://www.kingdomofloathing.com) and Castlequest 2 (http://www.castlequest.be), 2 games I enjoyed playing.

    Now those of you who are familiar with KoL now that it's just a text adventure game where you level your character up and fulfill different quests and stuff. All the graphics are also drawn in ms paint. In my game, I've taken the same approach on the graphics. Plain simple paint drawings.

    The thing I was wondering if this kind of game would attract players or not?

    You can check the game out on village.anion.be

    Do mind that it is still pretty basic. It currently only has a handful of enemies, items and temporary quests. It is just a baseline for future development. Also the name will change, just lacked some inspiration when I created the site

    For starters I had the intention to keep it single player, but I might add multiplayer if the need is there.

    Thanks for your feedback

  • Well the people who play both KoL & Castlequest 2 are pretty much your target audience.

    And if there's anything I know about Text game players is that a lot of them are purists. The thought of incorporating graphics into text games is sacrilege to them.

    You COULD make it work if you make your game a surreal theme (like Undertale) or a horror theme mixed with different jump scares. That's the hot shit these days.

    If you're going to make a fantasy game these days it HAS TO HAVE anime super deformed graphics with the sprites having oversized armor and Cloud Strife-sized swords. Those are the only ones I see that are getting marketed.

    If this is just a passion project then go for it.

  • Okay, I had some feedback from some friends and I have adjusted to game accordingly starting with the graphics which are not pure black-white anymore.

    Also a lot of the game-play is already playable but it is still a work in progress!

    Those who already want to try it out:

    • You attack creatures which you encounter on the locations on the map (currently only The Forest and The Wastelands).
    • You gain several resources that way (brimstone, crystal, essence, granite and wood) which you can use to purchase upgrades and such (still a w.i.p.).
    • You can heal or revive yourself at the campfire.
    • You can create a 'sidekick' with the hatchery (still easy to make, will get improvements).
    • Increase your workers so you also gain more 'idle' res.
    • Increasing the storage will allow you to stack up more idle res.
    • A basic quest system is also in place ( 5 basic quests atm).

    Feel free to try it out and to give me feedback. Eventually I'm planning on making this a multiplayer app with a PHP/SQL database.

    You can find the game at http://village.anion.be

    Make sure to refresh the page when playing again after a while, since I do a lot of updates all the time.


  • I'm not sure if you are targeting mobile, but I couldn't get the start button to illuminate on my iPad.

  • I'm not sure if you are targeting mobile, but I couldn't get the start button to illuminate on my iPad.

    I know, it doesn't work on my iPad either in any of the browsers I have tried. So for now, it only works on PC.

    Later on, I'll convert it into an app to test it on mobile devices.

    More feedback please

  • Anion,

    You don't actually have to create a separate mobile version -- everything can (and should) be done directly in your existing project. I recommend the following:

    1. Add the "Touch" object, and use it instead of all mouse inputs. They work pretty much the same way, you just lose the ability to hover over something.

    2. For the textfield, keep track of when it loses focus and enable the button afterward. If it isn't losing focus properly, you can manually close the keyboard and enable the button on any touch that is received outside of the textfield.

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  • cjbruce

    I am using the Touch object but for some reason, it is not working on mobile browsers... I have searched the forums about this, but I can hardly find anything useful about this problem. I have created other projects in the past and the touch object worked without any problems on those projects....

    ( I'm using 'On tab gesture on' on all my buttons)

  • Hmmm... I haven't used the "On tab gesture" for any of my projects. I typically use "On touched object" for buttons.

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