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  • Zombies: Spin Shoot Reload Repeat is a circular shooter where the player simply aims towards rapidly approaching zombies. The game is designed for touch screen. It isn't meant to be complex, but I would love feedback and suggestions for expanding the concept I have. The game is on the Scirra Arcade and you can find it on my profile. I don't want to release to android until it has more content. I appreciate any help!!!



    Added instructions to the menu.

    Zombies now have an attack animation and do damage to the player on it's proper frame.

    Player health and body armor system! Now contact with zombies don't equal instant death.

    Upgrades available after level completion.

    Less waiting time for zombies on start of levels.


    New menu.

    Darker backgrounds.

    The menu is now the first layout.

    Changed "score" to number of zombies killed.

    Number of zombies needed to get to the next level is displayed on the HUD.

    Added blood pools when zombies are killed - blood pools disappear after about three seconds.

    Added number of bullets left in clip to HUD.


    The player now has to worry about the time it takes to reload. No more clips with infinite bullets.

    Reload animation added.

    Muzzle flash on gun added.

    The game now features levels and increases in difficulty.

    The game is gaining complexity and I aim to soon add currency to buy upgrades in between levels.

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  • Another update released! I release my updates as new games due to a problem with just updating the originals.

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