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  • Hi, I am working on a game called Legacy of Lina, it is not finished.

    It is a metroidvania game, you can play it on scirra arcade

    The design of the main character is something that i will improve.

    Your feedbacks are welcome! Thanks.

  • Very cool! I'm also working on a Metroidvania type game so I love seeing other people's creations! I have a few comments/feedback.

    -how come your main character has a sword if she doesn't use it?

    -i like your fx animations! the smokes, fire and stuff looks cool! can't wait to see your character redesigns! What program are you using to create your art?

    -i wonder if you can make A the jump button? maybe its just me but i found it difficult to use x to jump

    -i think your control scheme on the game pad feels awkward. maybe it'll get easier when i fill up my abilities but I had a hard time pressing the correct buttons to do actions. I wanted to press R2 to attack to L2 is the default trigger attack. I kept pressing A (360 controller) to jump but it's X. this is definitely a bit nitpicky comment though in a way. Others probably didn't have the same experience with the controls.

    I just got the double jump and will continue playing. Good stuff! So are you planning on having a map? What about an options screen? Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • Thank you heyguy !

    -The sword is part of the story it has a meaning, but the story is not complete in the demo.

    -The animations are really cool, I bought it.

    -This is my first game, the ideia is exactly what you said, the jump button must be in the position that you said, i am using a ps model and the jump works perfectly, i need to check it.

    -R2 and L2 both are magic attacks, maybe the best way to solve it is to let the player choose the buttons.

    -Map is a good ideia, options screen to adjust volume and commands, I will do it!

    Thank you! Sorry for my english i am not an american.

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  • Awesome! You're english is fine! When do you think you'll release this game? What's been the most complicated problem you've had to overcome to so far?

  • heyguy

    Maybe in 6 mounths, i need to program 3 bosses, 1 new map, fix some bugs, find someone to drawn the main character and test it.

    I started using Construct 2 in January and i am working alone. I don't have too much time to program the game, because i work during the day.

    I am facing the problems now with feedbacks, i need to know how to attract people to play, most of the people don't comment or rate the game, they play 2 minutes and leave, now i have some friends playing the entire demo, they will help me to improve the game.

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