[Feedback Request] Collect! - Glider Action (Beta)

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    [Attention! Maybe game doesn't run on Firefox].

    [attachment=0:314lip33]Collect Icon.png[/attachment:314lip33]

    Collect green ones, don't collide with red.

    Game over = time out or/and hitcounter reached limit.

    Max. lifetime of balls:

    blue ones 10 sec.

    red ones 20 sec.

    Collect blue:

    Score with unlimited combo multiplayer (combo ends when time (3 seconds) run out without collecting blue or/and glider collide with red).

    Add 3 seconds to timer (limit 60)

    Add 2 to Energie (limit 100)

    You can't collect blue ones when shield is activ.

    Normal Mode:

    Everytime you collect a blue one firerate of the turret increase (FRI).

    Hitcounter: 10

    Survival Mode Extreme:

    Firerate of the turret is on highest speed.

    Hitcounter: 100

    Game Start:


    space = normal mode

    shift = survival mode extreme


    a = normal mode

    x = survival mode extreme


    Game Controls:


    tabulator key = Game over

    no energie required:

    left arrow = left

    right arrow = right

    a = strafe left

    d = strafe right

    energie required:

    up arrow = speedup

    down arrow = slowdown

    w = shield

    space = bullet slowdown


    y = Game over

    no energie required:

    right stick = steer left/right

    left stick = strafe left/right

    energie required:

    right shoulder trigger = speedup

    left shoulder trigger = slowdown

    right shoulder button = shield

    left shoulder button = bullet slowdown

    Offical mode (Colorblind Mode)


    Normal mode


    Survival mode extrem


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  • JamesXXXYZ

    My highest score is 140 !

    I'll play it again tonight.

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