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  • This game is almost my first game, you are suposed to survive all this things that come at you, can you do it? if so, for how long?

  • Great job! Are you planning to make it level based or survival in one level?

  • Thank you! since I am trying to go all the way and complete this the idea is one level, but I keep struggling with the idea of discovering rooms jajajaj

    how far did you make it to?

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  • I got to over 6000 standing in the corner

  • you need to give players a reason to leave the "safe" corner... for example, show some treasure on top of one of the platforms

  • Updated!

  • this is hardcore ^^

    what is this rotating square in the middle?

    its possible to score ~2000 pts just standing still. maybe you should trigger the ghosts when the player moves for the first time. graphics are neat, but the music is little bit annoying after a few trys.

    i like it, but only surviving is boring. it needs more content for a higher replay value

  • To stop people staying in the corner, or elsewhere for that matter, have some special ghost that will spawn where the player is every few seconds. Give them a warning by flashing the ghost after spawning there or something. And instead of this ghost following the player, maybe have it fire off a burst of ectoplasm.

    As for the game, it is a little boring tbh. Maybe too many ghosts from the get go? Not sure how you're doing the bullets - I assume they're using the bullet behaviour - but it might be better using the turret behaviour, then you can use the predictive aiming. When I was playing it, when the bullet missed a ghost it aimed for, I was kinda pissed 'cause it was out of my control.

    Also, you could add a powerup that appears every so often that makes the player invincible but is also able to smash through the ghosts and kill them upon contact.

  • thanks for your awesome replies, they are really important

    the square is a debug thing

    I too got annoyed by the music...

  • Yeah the music was a bit repetitive. It could be a cool little game after much tweaking

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