[FEEDBACK] Oh Shit! ALIENS (Survival Game)[UPDATE-II]

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Aliens are invading our planet! Solve the math question, and attack the alien with your laser. Covers addition, subtract

    Latest screenshot of our upcoming game

    New main character and background


    I have just replaced the main character graphics with new and improved vector graphics. Please give me feedback about it's new look


    ===Oh Shit! ALIENS===

    My new game survival game. Survive as far as you can, kill aliens, make money to upgrade and buy new weapons, buy explosives and shields to protect yourself from aliens attack.

    Aliens have attacked the Earth. You are the only one who survived. Now defend and survive the aliens attack.


    • Beautiful graphics
    • 3 Weapons + upgrades
    • Explosives + upgrades
    • Shields + upgrades
    • 3 types of Aliens
    • In-app purchases


    Old Main Character

    Aliens and Guns


    Will be available on Web HTML5 and Android soon

    For updates

    Follow us on Twitter: Syed_Danyal

    Like us on FB: facebook.com/dcom.softwares

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  • Looks interesting

  • Wow. Nice graphics!

  • Check out the latest screenshot of our upcoming game. (Check the UPDATE-II please )

    New character and environment

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