Feedback needed - Bunny and foxes arcade game

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  • Hey everyone.

    Like topic says, I would like to have some constructive feedback from my game Bunny and Foxes. I have worked on it during the past 2 months and finally it's becoming to feel and look like a proper game. Because I have made the game, I know it thoroughly. There is a problem because of this (maybe everyone have come across to this problem). When you work on a project for some time, you kind of get blind to your own work. You just see what you want to see.

    This is where you step in. I need YOUR help. Play my game and give me some feedback. There isn't any wrong or right answer here. Just tell me your opinion of, what do you think of my game so far.

    There are couple of question I would like to have answers.

    1) Did you understood all the symbols?

    2) Was there any graphics that you couldn't figure out what they were representing?

    3) How you felt the difficulty level? Was it gradually increasing or was there a spike on it?

    4) Was the game fun to play? If not, what I should include and/or remove from the game?

    5) If yes, why?

    Here is a link to my game:

    /arcade/shooting-games/bunny-and-foxes-1105 (add at the beginning)

    Thank you for your help :)


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  • the game is pretty good, the only issue i see .. is that the arrow keys info in beginning for the movement is kinda confusing... it says to use arrows to move but you have to drag the rabbit to shoot outside that a neat game great job

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