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  • Hello,

    I've created this flappy-bird-like game,, but I have several issues.

    1. The timer that I've put runs for 09 sec, then it stops, and if you restart the layout it completely blanks.

    2. It appears that when the bat is below a certain position the gravity kind of increases, and it becomes really different for it to fly itself up. You have to use more clicks than when you're on the top of the screen.

    3. When I updated the game, uploaded the update, I tried to change the name of the game, but it didn't change it. My first idea wasn't involving a bat it involved a malfunctioning plane. That's why the name is "Mayday, mayday, mayday", and now, with a bat this name isn't appropriate. Is this a bug on the upload system, because it opens a window saying I can change the name, but it just doesn't do it?

    If there's anyone who can help me, I'll be really grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: I'm sorry this may be in the wrong place, if it's possible moderators to move it.

  • Why there is a textbox? i mean, the user shouldn't edit that time right?

    also the gamer want to know how many spikes pass not the time the bat / plane is flying. Its like it shows all the time "wasted".

  • Well, no, it shows how much time have you manage to maintain the flight. Don't put it like that "Time wasted" . If so then all games are just one big waste of time. Time is as much a motivator as it is the passing of the stalactites.

    And the text box, there should the timer be, however when the layout is restarted it just blanks.

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  • The thing is if you play this game you want to know how many stalactites you pass not how much time do you played.

    the textbox object could be only a text object so the gamers can't edit that.

    Which is the code of that textbox? maybe i can help you.

  • Your opinion is based solely on "flappy fird", and in fact there were many games with the same gameplay in the past. Doesn't matter if the challenge is to count the stalactites or time, the challenge is there! I can recall a game about a malfunctioning airplane that was releasing smoke and had to avoid stalactites and mountains. There you had to hold the button in order to gain altitude instead of clicking, and the score was exactly the time. How much time will you manage to keep the plane in the air.

    I've uploaded the project file where the game is, you can see the text box.

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