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  • so I made a one room prototype for a movement system I've been cooking up. I like the general feel of it but I know it can bet tweaked to feel better.

    Link be here.

    the whole reason behind the tweaks is to try and create a sense of momentum and flow like in mirror's edge or dustforce or forever hunted. Using low base stats for moving, accellerating, and jumping that's augmented to ridiculous levels when moving and parkouring I almost hit on the balance that I was aiming for.

    Problem is I went a bit heavy into momentum preservation side of things, so without a lot of run up some manoeuvres are difficult to impossible which can just completely kill the flow and as a result things feel somewhat sluggish even with the dash from standing.

    I suppose the trick is the balance between arcade-y precise control and the more realistic weightiness of parkour. Is there anything I can tweak a bit to make things feel a bit better to control while still rewarding going fast?

    *edit* I know I probably shouldn't have expected much of a response for posting so early in the morning. I don't need any masterful insight from game devs, just any opinion on how you'd change the game feel a bit so I know what I could be working on. also I moved it to the arcade if you were having troubles playing it on the desktop version.

  • hey, i really like this, my feed back is mainly that i dont enjoy the way the player drifts after landing a jump, i think making it stop its momentum via a button or otherwise after a jump would make it alot smoother!

    took me a bit to exit the first quadrant of the map, but after that i got the hang of it.

    speedwise it feels very good, the dash feels good and it has more than one use which ads alot to the enjoyment of the movement. keep working on it!

  • hm. I've been working on getting the dash hold on s to drift longer when it ignores player input and for some reason it stops with 0 decel, in midair. when it should be going into space... I came up with something a bit more flexible, increasing control under 200 speed feels really nice. unfortunately it broke the wall climb so it's even harder now because speed seems to be maxed out when those new lines of code are enabled. and now for some reason the dash code also does that as well but it's kind of moot with this. I need to make this acceleration less buggy, having such a slow approach to max speed affects the walljumps making them provide no lift so I increased it which solved the problem until I needed to change the accel elsewhere and that's for some reason overriding things even with limiting variables...

    multiple dash uses? like other than getting up to speed quickly? if you mean the 1 wide gaps I already addressed that issue, the player blob's hitbox is actually a pixel shorter than the visual so it fits under without needing to hold dash.

    oh and try the link again, it's been updated for that.

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  • i like the changes, dash doesnt work now as you said but i find stickng to the wall and just pressing to the other direction a lot mor fluid and easier to pick up that the way it was before, i found also that wonce you fall thorough the pit youre unable to backtrack since you lose speed too quickly to be able to get back up, this is only an issie if the game need back tracking, you could maybe use the ammount of ticks while the player is holding against the wall to make boosts, if you do the mechanic quickly you get higher once you wait a bit you lose momentum, keep at it

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