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  • so, i am pretty new to construct 2, i started out with the very first tut by Ashley and ended up making this. I did all the "art" work from within construct image editor using the glide pad on my laptop but i am hoping that it will have crude cuteness appeal.

    i have got my eye on a

    Huion H420 4*2.23 inches USB Art Design Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Digital Pen that will help me improve that aspect.

    my biggest worry is that the gameplay is boring so i would really appreciate some ideas on that. Please don't worry about hurting my feelings or such silliness. I mean I have only gotten all the way through one tutorial.

    so the url to the kongregate game was removed, i guess if you just mosey over there and search for "augmento" or

    "dungeon stroll"

  • I can tell you two and a half things:

    1a) If you cannot draw a graphics tablet will not magically make you able to draw.

    1b) Even if you can draw, quite often the super-awkward nature of a tablet (hold the drawing tool in hand and see the results on screen - what is this rubbish?) can turn out being more fuss than it's worth. I would greatly recommend an actual tablet - like one of Samsung Note series with a decent digitizer pen - you can see what it is you are doing, you can take it with you and doodle whenever inspiration strikes - it's rather great.

    2) The game is MEGA slow - your shots are slower than your movement, and the view very close on your character - the guy has like 25% of the screen to himself. So far it is indeed a stroll. I think looking at similar games for inspiration might be a good idea.

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  • thanks for feedback. "digitizer pen" is new concept to me. the reason for the tight focus on the mage in the maze was to not give away the rest of the maze easily. do you know how to do a fog of war type thing in construct2 so only the explored parts of the map show? again, thanks.

  • The first idea that comes to mind is using a loop to fill some sort of a top layer with "fog" objects and then on your mage touching them or being nearby destroy these objects. This depends a little on maze size and so on. Or, alternatively - a dark layer on top into which the player character spawns cutout objects at certain intervals.

    But I'm sure there are better ways discussed here on the forums, one but needs to search.

    With some work a maze exploration game can be quite neat, so good luck.

  • I can't find it.


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