[FEEDBACK?] CasuRally - Pseudo3D racing

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  • The game is going to be a Folkrace -racing (not derby)

    The player needs to earn money by racing. Buy better cars and parts...

    Folkracing in Youtube

    Try Here

    Should be played in Google Chrome!


    Acceleration: UP or A

    Brake: Down or Z

    Steer: Left or , | Right or .

    This is in a very early stage of the development. So no much of a play elements... Just testing the "engine".

    How is the overall performance?

    Feedback is very appreciated!

    Steam page

  • Controls are too slippery (ok it' s racing in gravel or dirt, but it seems to control an hovercraft) and the dynamic camera is a bit too "dynamic" (bleurgh!).

    Apart from these amenities you can righten in 30 seconds, the overall effect is great, and is moving really well (and I played it on Firefox).

    Congratulations, keep up the good work.

  • HR78

    Thanks for the feedback. Great suggestions. I tuned the controls and made the camera little bit slower...

  • Hyvaa. I'm loving it

    3D effect is impressive.

    Have you generated X sprites from 3D models or do you actually calculate in real-time the polygons to be displayed, using i.e. some 3D plugin?


  • ouais25

    It's all sprites. No real 3D at all. except the models in blender...

  • Ehm, no 3D at all???

    I was asking myself how you could you move it so well, 'cause I thought at least the cars were in 3D...

    Good work!

  • graphically interisting game. nice gameplay, the second version is better with a slower camera...

    great work

  • HR78

    Car consists of 60 frames that are chosen by the angle of the car base...


    Thanks for great feedback!

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  • This is quite awesome technology-wise!

    The camera however, is subject of causing some dizziness!

    Have you tried to fix the camera (layer) angle? Rotating just makes me feel a bit weird.

    The car sprite is superb, the trees need some extra angles, in case the camera rotation stays.

    Watching this...

  • colonel Justice

    Thanks for the feedback. I personally like the dynamic cam very much, but obviously it's a little problem if it makes player dizzy... Maybe I just need to tame the cameraman

  • I just put up a Steam-page.

    Check here

  • HR78

    Car consists of 60 frames that are chosen by the angle of the car base...


    Thanks for great feedback!

    Kiitos neverk.

    I see, I used the same technique, with much less frames (less smooth however).

    I'd like to start a new car game as well, and I'm hesitating between using sprites rendered from 3D models (iso 3D) or 2D top-down view.

    iso 3D requires much much more work, but it looks so much nicer


  • Btw, are you using one of the car or physics behavior or are you handling the car behavior and collisions by yourself?


  • ouais25 You are welcome! Ole hyvä

    I'm using chipmunk physics with cars and obstacles.

    Chipmunk behavior by R0J0hound

  • Ok, yes I know this behavior. Seems better than the standard one.

    The bad thing is that it's not compatible with the car physics and I'll have to handle the cars behavior (sliding, etc.).


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