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  • Hello there!

    I'm trying to clone a game called RushFight.

    Here's the .capx:


    I'm afraid I'm not using the proper method for movement of the objects because, I will need the movements (and all of its events) to be made from point A to point B, in one key press, regardless how fast the user hit the keys.

    The object 'Enemy' moves towards the center of the screen using the 'rex_moveto' plugin, and when overlapping, the object 'Player' triggers the 'moveTo' below the screen (in pixels) and is destroyed. If I hit the keys extremely fast (one of the challenges of the game) the object 'Enemy' continues his path along the X axis passing the object 'Player' and not detecting the overlapping.

    The art is from Garou:The Mark of the Wolves. I just couldn't resist in Kyokugen-style karate in this gameplay.

    First timer on C2, so any feedback of the game mechanics (or anything else) would be MUCH appreciated.


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  • I would make the enemies run at the player every X seconds, not have the player control their movements otherwise how do you lose? Or in that Rush Fight is it just a rhythm action game where you have to press left, right or left+right at the same time hmm.

  • Here's some gameplay of Rush Fight :


    You only press the right/left side of the screen, and the player attacks in that direction. If you attack in the direction where there's no enemy next to you, you loose.

    It's extremely fun, and I imagine a lot of different characters and scenarios I could make when the mechanics are working.

    I took one .capx from one old post from KojotSan (How do I Move Object toward position and stop) and adapted it to my game. It's getting better now! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" />

    So now, I need to kill my player (like in the game), and I'm struggling with the way to do it.

    If I attack in a direction where there's no enemy next to me, how do I make the opposite enemy to kill me?

    here's the .capx:


    [Edit, corrected link]

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